In a Press Statement issued this afternoon, the EDPS expresses concerns that the amended Europol Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2022/991, published today in the Official Journal of the EU, weakens data protection supervision. Read more here!MnfPrN

What are the different approaches to enforcement in recent proposals on #DSA #DMA #DGA #AIA? P.Van Cleynenbreugel O.Micol & in panel moderated by on whether #dataprotection may take 'inspiration' from such models #Countdown

Every Fediverse server is independently owned and run. This means every server makes its own rules about what you're allowed to do there (for example, pretty much all servers forbid spam).

On Mastodon, you can see your own server's rules by going to your server's website and clicking on the "Learn More" link.

If you see someone breaking the rules, it's important to report them so that the server admins can take action. When you see a rule-breaking post, click on "..." and then "Report", then follow the instructions.

It doesn't matter if the rule-breaker is from your server or another server, if you can see their post you can report it.

The reporting process sends a message to your server's admin, but it also optionally lets you send an anonymous report to the rule-breaker's server admin too. This can be important as the ruler-breaker's server admin has the power to suspend or even close the rule-breaker's account.

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“If we allow facial recognition in public spaces, we allow for mass surveillance of every individual,” warns⚠️

We need an #AIAct to ban #BiometricMassSurveillance.

📽️Watch our mini documentary from Italy to understand why ➡️


A reminder that Mastodon and the Fediverse do NOT use cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs, tokens, coins, mining, web3 or anything like that.

Masto and the Fedi run on traditional servers and use a sustainable network federation model somewhat similar to e-mail (that's why Fediverse addresses look similar to e-mail addresses).

Also a reminder there are no venture capital firms or other investors either. No one owns the network, each server is independent. Masto and Fedi server running costs are paid by their owners, sometimes with donations from users.

No one is getting rich from the Fediverse, it is all volunteers with some getting donations and a few getting modest grants from foundations. Please remember this when you interact with admins or developers.

(There might be some individual users who post about cryptocurrency/blockchain, but the infrastructure this place runs on doesn't use it at all.)

Tl:dr - Decentralisation does NOT mean cryptocurrency/blockchain


#EDPS 2020 Opinion on the proposal for temporary derogations from Directive 2002/58/EC for the purpose of combatting child sexual abuse online

🇬🇧 Even after Brexit, the UK is still involved in influencing EU surveillance laws through Europol – as confirmed by the Commission in response to my question. Why don’t they invite the NSA as well?

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#CPDP2022 is best possible prelude to our own 16-17 June Conference on the Future of Data Protection - Effective enforcement in the digital world. 🔴 Visit our website and register:

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"In India, Facebook is expanding its role far beyond that of a social media platform ... Facebook has entered a deal with India’s largest corporation, Reliance Industries, in a bid to monopolize the entire food supply chain in India"

Great news #Fediverse it is Official. The #EU #EuropeanCommission just launched two servers 🚀

Welcome to #EUVoice mastodon and #EUVideo peertube 🎉

So say hi to 👋

Love #FOSS with @EC_OSPO 💘

Stay in the loop with @EC_DIGIT

Help make things fundamentally right with @FRA ☀️

Regain balance with @Curia ⚖️

Protect that data with @EDPS 🔐

Let's go global with @CDT 🌐

Get us heard at @ombudsman 📣

Watch and boost from:

And explore: 🇬🇧 Landmark ruling in Germany: Access by federal state domestic intelligence agency »Verfassungsschutz« to #DataRetention records is illegal.
Lawsuit was coordinated by

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Twitter friends: if you want to gradually switch to Mastodon, you can use a crossposter which automatically replicates your tweets! Install a Mastodon client in your phone (I use Tusky for Android) so you can get notifications for interactions for both networks.

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Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are pyramid schemes. Others are just standard issue fraud. Others are just middlemen skimming of the top. Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

Every server on Mastodon and the Fediverse has its own set of rules, written by the people who own and run that particular server

You can see the rules on your server by logging in through a web browser and clicking on "About this server". You can check the rules on other servers by going to their front page and cilcking "Learn more".

If you disagree with your server's rules, you can move your account to a different server with different rules (instructions for moving are at You can even set up a server of your own, where you write the rules yourself (instructions are at

This is one of the biggest differences between Mastodon and Twitter: On Twitter it's entirely Twitter's management that decides what is acceptable. On Mastodon, thousands of separate servers each have their own rulebook. While Twitter governs its users, on Mastodon the users can govern themselves.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse

We don't need to passively accept it when conceited billionaires buy up social media.

We can create and use our own social media instead:

There are thousands of community-owned servers on the Fediverse with millions of registered users.

We can take back ownership of our online social lives, if we choose to.

#GrowYourOwn #HomeGrown #SocialMedia #SelfHosting #CommunityHosting #Twitter #ElonMusk

RT has produced a set of recommendations for #policymakers on how to prioritise #ethics & #humanrights in the development of #AI Watch our interview with MEP who offers insight on these recommendations:

🇬🇧 8 years ago, the ECJ annulled the EU #Data Retention Directive. Despite this, the Commission & EU governments are planning to reintroduce it. Now a former ECJ judge finds that the plans are not compatible with ECJ case law & fundamental rights:

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