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Ah bah ça m'arrive pas souvent de tweeter énervée, mais là SFR m'a bien saoulée avec son #DarkPattern pour récupérer les données et faire de la pub ciblée, donc j'ai tout donné :p

the internet before GDPR:
big companies collecting your data

the internet since GDPR:
big companies collecting your data after you've given up on pop-up windows with unnecessarily complicated opt-out schemes

I wonder what button I should press on this cookie consent dialog to not accept cookies? #fail


Oh le gros anti-pattern CSS trompeur sur
Le bouton qui accepte les #cookies a été dessiné comme si c’était une case à cocher moderne (par exemple comme ça ). Du coup, moi, je clique dessus pour le désactiver… et on m’indique que je viens d’accepter tous les cookies 😱​

Si ça, ce n’est pas là pour tromper… 😕 Tous les moyens sont bons pour vous faire accepter des clauses sans votre consentement. #RGPD

We value your privacy, that's why you have to click on this tiny link and check all those boxes if you want to opt out of our cookies and trackers

yeah, NYTimes, something went wrong.

First you require me to "manage", then I have to scroll 50 pages of content, click on a confusing opt out button that is clearly designed to be lost in the scrolling and then something goes wrong.

@GDPRHallOfShame @GDPR_HallOfShame You'll find this one galling: - No labels at all, defaults look like "off" but selecting them turns them ambiguous yellow, another 'accept or manage' antipattern, it's just all gross.

The first dark UX pattern that promotes...

rejecting cookies.

What can I say, kudos

This is a new one, this site seems to use a clause that allows a company to use your data because it has a "lawful right".

This can't be right. It's a news website. They have no lawful rights over my data.

This is a new low. Healthline requires you to tick and untick "allow all" in order to opt out. These games have become more and more weird.

This is a new one! (mensjournal)

If you click on it it shows a classic cookie options dialog.

Shame on you gadgethacks. I do not accept means don't track me, not "kick me out".

Dammit , not only I never subscribed for your mail, you need me to take 3 steps including logging in to unsubscribe.

Shame on you! I used to trust you.

I was happy at first to see that reuters has an easy(ish) to access decline all button.

HA! Just try to scroll down 3 pixels to read your arrticle.

Dark patterns much, mozilla? #DarkUX

Why do you care so much if I get an account? What do you fo with my data?

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