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I had to uncheck all these. Lifo's idea of "opt-in" definitely differs from that of everybody else (including the GDPR)

for sure

If you valued my privacy, there would be a "Reject" button. Enough with the anti-patterns, please.

No bbc, "tracking how far a user gets on a page and where they're clicking" isn't strictly necessary. Shame on you.

No opt-out, food network? At least they tell what cookies are for. And fortunately I have an ad blocker.

This probably isn't GDPR compliant. (Light swearing) 

Tvtropes however is quite honest and has a title that explains exactly what the two buttons do.

Good job

I was tired of posting the same stuff again and again but has to be posted. The hostility is monumental.

Where the heck is the deny button ?

@GDPR_HallOfShame is that a case of #GDPRHallOfShame ?

I have to go either in my browser settings (uMatrix will solve something I hope) or on some other random website to deny manually cookies...

Just had my first encounter with an actual error code 451 in the wild. Apparently the NH-based Union Leader newspaper / media site decided it was easier to block all of Europe than to become #GDPR-compliant! (I am traveling in EU & wanted to read a story shared by a NH friend. I guess I will have to wait until back in USA)

@dead_gnostic @libreture I was just about to be impressed by how they handle cookies, but alas...

@GDPR_HallOfShame That a session id cookie cannot contain private data is quite misleading, too.

Translation: we don't even care about your privacy, go away.

superstreetonline is forever in the

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