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Where the heck is the deny button ?

@GDPR_HallOfShame is that a case of #GDPRHallOfShame ?

I have to go either in my browser settings (uMatrix will solve something I hope) or on some other random website to deny manually cookies...

Just had my first encounter with an actual error code 451 in the wild. Apparently the NH-based Union Leader newspaper / media site decided it was easier to block all of Europe than to become #GDPR-compliant! (I am traveling in EU & wanted to read a story shared by a NH friend. I guess I will have to wait until back in USA)

@dead_gnostic @libreture I was just about to be impressed by how they handle cookies, but alas...

@GDPR_HallOfShame That a session id cookie cannot contain private data is quite misleading, too.

Translation: we don't even care about your privacy, go away.

superstreetonline is forever in the

I've been kdle for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been collecting screenshots.

Here is and their unnessecarily complicated opt out prcedure involving a dark patter, a misleading button label and 10 clicks.

After some absence I present you the where if you decline cookies it just asks you again in every page. Which is a sideffect of declining cookies, but come on...

@GDPR_HallOfShame Wikia is good like this too. Has a simple agree disagree in same colour and same size.

sitepoint is one of the good ones

A single click allows you to opt-out of tracking cookies (at least I hope so, I didn't check the developer tools)

I mean that, while I don't agree, I can understand the transaction in other services. The website has something valuable to visitors and requests data in return.

An e-commerce site however, wants to sell you stuff. Introducing themselves with asking for your data just because you want to watch their virtual display is a sad reminder of the normalization of data abuse.

Way to welcome the visitors to your shop, 3D_edge.

Nobody would think about welcoming you to their store with a few pages of agreements to sign right after you step in the door. Why is this acceptable online?

@GDPR_HallOfShame Visiting Europe a few weeks ago, I observed how the GDPR compliance was implemented on various sites.

I can only recall a single site doing it right: Allowing me to accept or not. Clicking on deny closed the popup and let me keep using the site.

A lot of sites allowed me to configure with whom to share my personal information, but most of the time everything was preselected.

They break the rules in their GDBR-specific popup. Not doing anything would have been better.

Yeah, linuxjournal, preach!

But first, could you pretty please create a compliant popup that allows us to not accept?

@GDPR_HallOfShame here's a fun one for you: go to

The page auto-starts a video with very loud audio, that's already pretty bad form but the fun part is the gdpr popup that prevents you from clicking on the video at all to pause or mute it, as long as you haven't "accepted" the bloody thing.

Using loud noises to startle your users into clicking the big red accept button is a new one for me. belongs to the just because of the complexity of the popup, that occasionally appears scrolled out of screen.

Vice implements a two-step "reject all" popup with a minor dark pattern. I'm on the fence.

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