This is a new one, this site seems to use a clause that allows a company to use your data because it has a "lawful right".

This can't be right. It's a news website. They have no lawful rights over my data.

This is a new low. Healthline requires you to tick and untick "allow all" in order to opt out. These games have become more and more weird.

This is a new one! (mensjournal)

If you click on it it shows a classic cookie options dialog.

Shame on you gadgethacks. I do not accept means don't track me, not "kick me out".

I was happy at first to see that reuters has an easy(ish) to access decline all button.

HA! Just try to scroll down 3 pixels to read your arrticle.

Adobe: judging by how "learn more" in the screenshot below is a link (!) and that after I click on it and then click "opt out all" in the next page the blue popup does not go away, I seriously doubt "I can withdraw consent any time"

Shame on you adobe.

Continue with recommended features doesn't mean OK. You need to click the invisible "Save" button.

This is at

TheMarySue does split the cookies to necessary and other categories but I can't find how to disable any of those...

And yeah, it does turn them all on without any indication that it does. You have to hunt the cookie policy in the footer and then click on "cookie settings" to get the same pop-over showing you that everything is turned on now.
The switches aren't very on-looking either.

This is malicious, sorry.

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Dark pattern galore on! Options are disabled but I' willing to bet that if you tap on "Accept Recommended Settings" it's going to turn them all on.

You have to tap on the almost invisible "Close" link below the fold if you want to opt out.

I've seen so many evil patterns I can't rule out this being intentional. Unlikely, but what if?

All this time the popup is still nagging and eats half of your screen. I return to the previous page as I'm not willing to disable cookies altogether. Guess what was hidden under that popup (or scrolled conveniently away I don't remember)

, of course

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A little bit of swearching yields this helpful guide that tells you how to disable cookies altogether, after warning that this might break the website (the warning is not visible in the screenshot)

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The story of consent, in four parts. It all starts with the usual popup

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