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Etsy does use the familiar dark pattern but at least the switches are turned off by default.

however because of the

I had to uncheck all these. Lifo's idea of "opt-in" definitely differs from that of everybody else (including the GDPR)

for sure

If you valued my privacy, there would be a "Reject" button. Enough with the anti-patterns, please.

No bbc, "tracking how far a user gets on a page and where they're clicking" isn't strictly necessary. Shame on you.

No opt-out, food network? At least they tell what cookies are for. And fortunately I have an ad blocker.

This probably isn't GDPR compliant. (Light swearing) 

Even if it is (which can be if the cookies aren't used for tracking) the business insider could be less of an asshole and say what those cookies do.

Tvtropes however is quite honest and has a title that explains exactly what the two buttons do.

Good job

I was tired of posting the same stuff again and again but has to be posted. The hostility is monumental.

Where the heck is the deny button ?

@GDPR_HallOfShame is that a case of #GDPRHallOfShame ?

I have to go either in my browser settings (uMatrix will solve something I hope) or on some other random website to deny manually cookies...

‪Just had my first encounter with an actual error code 451 in the wild. Apparently the NH-based Union Leader newspaper / media site decided it was easier to block all of Europe than to become #GDPR-compliant! (I am traveling in EU & wanted to read a story shared by a NH friend. I guess I will have to wait until back in USA)‬

@dead_gnostic @libreture I was just about to be impressed by how they handle cookies, but alas...

@GDPR_HallOfShame That a session id cookie cannot contain private data is quite misleading, too.

Translation: we don't even care about your privacy, go away.

superstreetonline is forever in the

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