Anyone using PixelFed, suggest me a good Android app for it.

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Mr. Robot episodes of the 4th season appear to be named after the HTTP 4xx status codes 😂

4x01 Unauthorized
4x02 Payment Required
4x03 Forbidden
4x04 Not Found
4x05 Method Not Allowed
4x06 Not Acceptable
4x07 Proxy Authentication
4x08 Request Timeout
4x09 Conflict
4x10 Gone

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Rogue Chromium dev lead ignores W3C 'autocomplete' spec; frustrates Internet

(submitted by bullman)

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People of my parents' generation struggled a lot to keep their children away from the influence of cigarettes.

Now they are themselves addicted to new digital addictions much worse than cigarettes. These are people whose first computer is a smartphone running digital slot machines. These are people close to retirement who don't have big life goals to chase. They fall easy victim to propaganda injected slowly into their minds over long durations of time like an IV drip.

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Pine64 has a new line up of interesting devices, especially the PinePhone with KDE Neon.

Makes me wonder if it can work as a smartphone and a FreedomBox at the same time, running on IPv6 networks. Maybe in the future... 🤔

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We are running for last 6 years, started as a service and expanded to cover and using the same diaspora username and password. It is funded by people who care about and .

Its fully community run, with strong commitment to user privacy and . Support our crowd funding campaign to keep the service running for next 2 years.

Donate at or via Sharing this widely can help as well.

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Opinion: By giving Modi a free pass, Election Commission has abandoned any attempt to appear neutral

When the commissioners themselves debase the powers of the institution, they compromise the work of the millions of officials and undermine its credibility.

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if you're wondering whether Firefox's mistake of not renewing a certificate affects any of the add-ons that the Tor browser relies on... looks like it does (NoScript)

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You know, what has me concerned to most about this #firefox certificate issue isn’t that it happened.. things break, people fuck up, „Everything fails all the time“. It’s that it’s been 4 hours, and it still isn’t fixed 🤔

That’s a fairly terrible MTTR.



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"a $100 Airspy Mini SDR receiver connected to an #Ubuntu laptop running some open source software to receive and decode the 1.7GHz signal of the satellite." #gnu #linux
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"Your profile is [x]% (less than 100%) complete" = we want to collect and sell more data about you. Please comply or suffer.
"Add a phone number to protect your account" = we''re unable to track your movement 24/7. We need to track you to "protect" you
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Far too many investigative journalists are still being murdered across Europe and #eu officials offer them nothing but words of condolence (after their deaths) because they occasionally expose the #corruption of such politicians. They don't >really< care for them.
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One week after British government abducts a journalist from within an embassy, helped by complicit, defamatory media and hijacked government, a lesser-known journalist gets shot in Northern Ireland. Media mourns the latter, not #assange

What have happened to us Humans, Those police officers who detained Ola, did they follow the law or some order from the top.

A software developer, who has given so much to us is now detained. This is outrageous!

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@ranjithraj @bob @njoseph @Chandrahas

Digital rights defender Ola Bini has been imprisoned in Ecuador. #FreeOlaBini

We call on the Government of Ecuador to immediately and unconditionally release Ola Bini and to drop all charges against him.As technologists, free and open source developers, individuals and organizations working to protect the security of the Internet, we oppose the continuing illegal detention in Ecuador of Ola Bini, a cyber-security expert, privacy consultant, free software contributor and advocate of digital rights. We see his ongoing, preventive detention as arbitrary and as an attack against us all.Ola Bini is a cybersecurity expert and privacy consultant in the field of Free and open source software, as well as a defender of digital rights. He is a Swedish national, living with a valid permit in Ecuador for six years.He is a prolific contributor to a long list of projects, among them OTRv4 and JRuby, and is a member of the advisory board of the flagship European project DECODE (grant nr 732546) on advanced cryptographic and privacy by design research In addition to violating his basic human rights, his continuing detention negatively affects this important work. ...
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We endorse Prakash Raj contesting from Bangalore Central for Lok Sabha elections 2019 Learn more about his campaign at

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