RSS Bridge is a web application that produces RSS feeds for websites that don't provide them. The feeds produced by RSS Bridge can be consumed using an RSS feed reader.

The initial implementation of a FreedomBox app for RSS Bridge is merged.

We received feedback from many people who tried to install FreedomBox on a Raspberry Pi 4 that our 2-part install using the Generic arm64 image was difficult.

There is now a dedicated FreedomBox image for 64-bit Raspberry Pi - supporting versions 3B, 3B+ and 4B.

If you have a 64-bit Raspberry Pi lying around, this is a good time to install FreedomBox.

Read the full announcement here:

You can translate not only FreedomBox but also the apps into your native language!

The wiki page for translations has been updated with links to the translation tools of various apps.

Pick your favourite app and start translating!

Thanks to nbenedek for compiling the links.


Please migrate your Dynamic DNS accounts corresponding to the "" domain by December 15, 2021.

Read the full announcement here


Someone from the FreedomBox community made a video tutorial on how to quickly set up a Matrix Synapse server (with audio/video calling enabled) on a Hetzner VPS.

The easiest and fastest way to install Matrix Synapse: use FreedomBox

The tutorial should work on any Debian machine with a public IP address.

Discussion thread on the forum


Hope your FreedomBox has automatically upgraded itself to Debian 11 Bullseye.

Please reach out to the community if there were problems during the upgrade.

Your FreedomBox will also receive an update to v21.7 through the bullseye-backports channel in a few days!

We are currently working on publishing new stable images. Even if you install an old stable image meanwhile, it will upgrade automatically to Debian 11, so don't wait for us!

Our Matrix channel for FreedomBox developers had a state corruption recently and is no longer usable.

We created a new Matrix channel at

Please migrate to this one.

The IRC channel -dev on OFTC network is still intact.

Almost a year ago, we created a list of applications that can be added to FreedomBox in the short-term.

Calibre-server and Zoph have already been added and will be included in the next stable release (Debian 11 Bullseye).

We're currently integrating an email server, WordPress and Kiwix. These apps will be released via the bullseye-backports channel, some time after Debian Bullseye is released on 14th August.

We made a minor release (v0.6) of the companion app for Android today.

This release has translations for 10 new languages!

The translations are at 65% currently.

Your F-Droid app should show you the update in a few days.

We also added a donation link in the app page on F-Droid. It points to the donation page of FreedomBox Foundation - @freedomboxfndn (a 501(c)(3) non-profit)

Check out the source code here

Participation in the project is steadily growing! 🎉

- 20 people contributed to the latest release
- 13 people attended today's progress call
- over 400 participants on the IRC/Matrix channel

You can contribute with code, translations, design, discussing ideas, helping other users or by spreading the word about the project!


:fbx: @freedomboxfndn

We didn't have a manual page for calibre app when we released FreedomBox 20.15

A manual page has been created. Please help us in improving it.

The "Learn more..." link in the calibre app should work when your FreedomBox is updated to the next version.

The format of FreedomBox hack calls has changed recently. Earlier, we were discussing project progress just like in the progress calls.

In our last hack call, we picked up issues, discussed and closed some of them. We will continue this format for future hack calls that happen every month on 2nd Saturday.

Learn more about our monthly community meetings

Please follow @freedomboxfndn to be notified about upcoming hack calls and progress calls.

Thanks for attending our DebConf20 talk. If you missed it, you can watch the recording on our PeerTube channel.

In our talk, we called for the Debian community to help us with getting more applications into FreedomBox.

We have identified some of the low-hanging fruits in the following forum post.

You can contribute either by writing FreedomBox apps in Python or through Debian packaging.

Please boost!

Bye Coquelicot. Hello bepasty!

Coquelicot is a file-sharing app that has been kept disabled for a long time in FreedomBox while we were looking for an alternative.

bepasty is a pastebin for both text and binary files (even large ones). Text, image, audio, video and PDF documents can be previewed in the browser.

We expect bepasty to be better maintained as compared to Coquelicot.

Yesterday, we merged bepasty into the main branch and removed Coquelicot.

The Debian source package for web application has been renamed from plinth to freedombox. The binary packages were already called freedombox.

Since we are renaming the source package to "freedombox", the 20.13 release will need to go through the NEW queue. This means that this release will take longer than usual to be available in Debian repositories.

Due to a minor error with file system permissions in the latest release (v20.12), the FreedomBox process fails to start.

A patch fix release v20.12.1 will be made soon. Your FreedomBox should automatically update itself in less than a week. The web interface will be available as soon as the update is applied.

Thanks to @kopfkind for identifying and posting the issue and solution on our forum.

Link to thread on the forum:

Inviting translations for the FreedomBox project website -

Our website is now available for translation using the free software tool Weblate, the same tool already being used for the web application and the mobile app.

Go to Weblate and try translating a few strings into your language.

Read the full announcement here:

New app!

A new system app for monitoring performance has been integrated into FreedomBox.

Performance app allows you to collect, store and view information about utilization of the hardware. It uses an application called "Cockpit Performance Co-Pilot" (cockpit-pcp).

This app is available for installation at System -> Performance

Learn more about this app:

Expected to be released in FreedomBox v20.9

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