Hello Fediverse,

FSF India is a non-profit organisation committed to advocating, promoting and propogating the use and development of swantantra software in India.

Learn more at

A typo occurred in this post. "Swantantra" should be spelled "Swatantra". It stands for "free as in freedom".

@fsfi Great! Looking forward to read posts from you here.

Long live the FLOSS!

@aseem We are just getting started on fediverse. We are working on setting up automatic posting of news on the website to this account. For now, you can use any RSS feed reader and subscribe to

@fsfi Hello FSFI, we are organizing and looking to connect with community partners. Would you be interested?

Hi, we have replied to the email from Vishal. We'd also like to share the blog post by @abhas on this topic:

@fsfi @abhas
that's great! Abhas's post directly aligns with our goals for #FOSSHack2020. I'll share it with the team.

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