Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services

· · feed2toot · 4 · 21 · 9 Hello can you give me the sources so that I can make a nice French translation?

I had made that


@fsfi alternative of whatsapp? Does It support android Mob ? or Independent OS on phone.

Yes, there are apps for all platforms including Android. For example try if you don't mind sharing phone number, and or conversations if you don't want to share your phone number. They are interoperable, so users on Quicksy can talk to users on blabber or conversations, once you add contact manually.

@praveen @fsfi hi praveen, sharing phone num is prob for everyone. no option. i will see test whatsapp alternative. thank for reply.

@fsfi how are 4. and 5. are not vendor locked? Can I use Tox/Briar on Jami? Or Element/Quickly on Dino app? How does it work?

@fsfi Why not use email? It has the advantage of working on practically everything with internet access and also a 4 billion person user base. It CAN be secured and can have a chat style interface.

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