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:blobthinksmart: Google cannot track you if Google does not resolve on your network

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Those who would sacrifice their security for a little bit of convenience deserve neither security nor convenience, and will lose both.

The Akamai outage is a disgusting, preventable occurrence. Host your own media for crud's sake. I do.

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Uninstall Play Services and related apps at the user-level using ADB, which does not require root.

Warning: Significant functionality could be LOST. Please prepare before doing this.

(c) Gadgets to Use | story by Ritik Singh | 7/10/2020

krowverse meta, new instance 

If I didn't mention it already, I am now also at Nineties Mysteries!

Say hello!

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If you have the time, you should consider alts after a few months of settling in with whatever instance you chose, as there's no guarantee it can always be up.

If I have to take the Krowverse network down for repairs or upgrades, I'll generally announce them here or on SPC.

Thanks for being my neighbor!

It's nice to see spinoffs like this thrive after what happened with the acquisition and all.

But are you concerned they'll pull a MetaMask on this?

tax return, ohio, quiz 

So I got an identity verification quiz in the mail since I'm new to Ohio filing.

I passed!

fedi meta, krowverse, keywords 

Earlier this month, KSF experimented with word filters. The end result was too problemtatic to continue implementation, as it broke context in ways worse than limited federation.

I'm quite accustomed to rewrite syntax, and it's a shame it isn't consistent across disciplines.

All follow requests on SMH and SPC will be ignored. Now that I have my own instance, requests should be directed there.

If you have such a request, follow me at @eric. No exceptions will be made.

I add a new instance every week. I've got three potential nominees planned this month. The list is public.

#linuxposting #sysadmin #smtps #postfix 

Please prepare for increased communication from as the transition takes place.

#linuxposting #sysadmin #smtps #postfix 

I have successfully enabled SMTPS in addition to SUBMISSION on my mail server. The same firewall rules apply, of course.
I know that 465 is deprecated, but a substantial portion of Microsoft Outlook users still utilize it. A staggering amount of people I get email from rely on Outlook Mail protection and I want to accommodate them as best I can.

Thank you for using/trusting the Krowverse Suite of Services. We will be sunsetting on 3/3/2022.

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In an attempt to better configure Pleroma, I am going to use NGINX for some of my other sites to get a feel for how it should be set up.

Wish me luck, and check out my example at

:blobthinksmart: Google cannot track you if Google does not resolve on your network

warning, botnet, comcast 

There is a Comcast Business user whose computer is connected to hundreds of VPS workstations around the world spamming random SMTP servers, including my own.

I just submitted my report.

See for yourself:

@humanetech give this tutorial a read and try to replicate the results.

My Wireguard tutorial should be read before attempting this.

crontab, css, website status 

I hypothesized that crontabs start at the root filesystem, and created a crontab as a root user. To test the validity of my rule, I attempted to run the command solo and it worked.

That command is (on the EXPORTING filesystem)

cd /path/to/export/assets && sh

And it worked.

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crontab, css, website status 

I finally fixed the crontab scheduling for CSS. My site should auto-change themes at 7 AM and 7 PM from now on, GMT minus 4 hours.

Because I now deliver my sites over NFS, it affected how the crontabs worked and I could not use explicit paths anymore.

ubuntubuzz, dnsbl, connection issue 

Something in UbuntuBuzz' upstream infrastructure relies on G----, because the site won't load for me.

rickroll, humor 

So a student rickrolled their physics teacher.

The tweet cannot be viewed on Twitter because the original account that posted the tweet was deleted. The account present was created in 2020.

"Wait, don't you block Twitter with your DNS?"

- I do. I used the Nitter frontend to validate this.

The conveniences you enjoy require hard working, dedicated people behind them.

If any inconveniences occur, it is your fault for choosing those checks over staying home.

It seems like a good idea to take the larger check, but without anything to spend it on, it becomes worthless over time.

Please come back to work, America.

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