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There is a noticeable decline in G*****'s search engine market share right now.

It's tiny, but with your support, we can make it crash like the stock market.

Alternatives exist. Rather than criticize them for being shallow, offer your support and expertise instead.

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A to who are considering moving to the but are concerned about verification:

Use the tag like the one in line 8 of my home page on your personal website.

This will cause a green check mark to appear next to your site should you include it in the links field.

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using G***** Search to view links from my site! I'm blocking G*****bot, which attempts to track your visit without your consent.

G*****bot operates under 66.249/16 and this IP is blocked on the server level by me. Please go to my site directly at!

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Anyone else notice an empty square where the captcha should be on archive.**?

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Websites should STOP using reCaptcha and consider using hCaptcha or another drop-in alternative.

reCaptcha is a tracking pixel that I block at the DNS level, which means I cannot access resources behind it.

While it's disappointing, it's a decision I'm OK with by denying you traffic.

What happened in Mozilla is yet another warning shot. Stop denying it. G***** is not your friend.

It's about high time that those who continue to collaborate with G***** be punished at the user level.

So, I decided to do the Big Five Test. I've done tests like this before, largely for class assignments, but there's no harm in being curious about how I'd fare.

So, the timestamp that PRO-Sitemaps used was YYYY-Mon-DD 24H-MM-SS+/-TZ-HH-MM.

They used UTC in their calculations, but I live four hours behind London. New stories use -04:00.

Eventually, I will update all the timestamps to reflect this.


I made an update to the Base Calculator.

One of the things I was taught when crafting inputs is that you need a way to catch incorrect entries.

I also needed a practical way to clear entries if a user chose to re-use the field. While they could overwrite, the proper thing to do when you're done with one form of data is to clear the field for the next data set.

I'll be sharing these updates on Github, under util-js.

I've added Base Calculator as a campaign and passed those updates to my sitemaps (XML and HTML).

Even though this is a Linux topic, it seems like a lot of legitimate movements are being hijacked by unprincipled cultists.

This is especially true of the paragraphs next to the insets.

Can't let myself get rusty. Let's dust off my notes and get to work. Having multi-colored inks is a godsend when you have to write code literally.

The interrelated nature of my classes helped immensely in figuring out key points across as many as five courses at once.

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So, I added a Base Calculator to my site! It's a modification of an assignment I did in CIS 236.

That textbook was a piece of work. Thankfully, so am I.

"If you can't beat it, buy it. If you can't buy it, destroy it." - most M&A's nowadays

People commit suicide because the world has taken so much from them in a short period of time. They feel useless, abandoned, and insignificant.

A better solution would be to give them a better safety net, instead of getting them hooked on drugs to make them forget.

46% of my fellow New Yorkers are about to be homeless and tainting the water with lithium will not get them off the street and back to work.

This isn't about preventing suicide, it's about control. It was always about control.

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Absolutely not. It could enable homicides.

Lithium may have kept me calm, but aggravated my weight gain and worsened my tunnel vision.

In addition, it must have an optimal blood concentration to be effective, which varies based on body type.

Too little and it's not effective, too much and you kill people anyway.

(c) Futurism | story by Dan Robitzski | 8/6/2020

slight formatting flub in the sitemap html.

In addition, some new site redirection rules have been applied.

I also added a 401 page where needed. While my site does not have any login infrastructure, it seems people still attempt to look for one anyway.

So they deserved a custom error page, too.

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