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Search syntax in is slightly different.

Make a search context narrower by putting a plus sign before the most important word in your search.
'+weather 12180' generates different results than weather 12180'.
Typical search engine results are context narrow by default.

Add Gigablast as a search engine manually by using
''" to your browser.

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Small businesses should FOLLOW their customers rather than wait for them.

There's a good chance it will cost you less to relocate than to operate at 75% less capacity.

Housing costs are cheaper in smaller communities. The cost of a luxury apartment in Upstate NY is $400 cheaper than a single bedroom in Kings County.

. Even a two year jump did wonders for my finances and I'm poor AF.

(c) ZeroHedge on | story by Tyler Durden | 10/3/2020

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Uninstall Play Services and related apps at the user-level using ADB, which does not require root.

Warning: Significant functionality could be LOST. Please prepare before doing this.

(c) Gadgets to Use | story by Ritik Singh | 7/10/2020

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When you put it that way, it seems G*****'s latest action against the is purely spiteful.

I stand by my remarks and encourage people to stop relying on them.

hot take 

Don't wait for messiahs. Be your own messiah.

Please don't be mean. Meanness begets meanness.

You can watch the world burn, or create a dry ice cannon big enough to keep the flames away from your space.

I have updated my SSH tutorial to include SSH keys. It's a security must have that I delayed far too long on.

Some of my recent posts were just edited to correct spelling and context mistakes.

complaint, amazon purchase 


The MyGica a681 TV Tuner does not have Linux or Mac support. The installation CD only includes Windows software.

I have not yet received a reply from their customer support nor I have I received confirmation that they got my ticket.

I will make one final attempt using Wine or PlayOnLinux. If those attempts fail, I will send it back.

False Advertising is the biggest consumer frustration there is.

Anyone notice the user count bot stopped counting instances 21 hours ago?

linuxposting, long-awaited 

I have a Radicale tutorial in the works. I found a way to secure it and run it, without changing Apache and without privilege.

Please stay tuned. You're gonna love how I finally figured this out.


I think I mastered VNC adequately and will write a story about it soon.

When they said the audio over SSH would be tricky, they weren't kidding.

More updates soon.

I no longer use my personal IP by Digital Ocean in North Bergen, NJ. As of November 26th, I cannot vouch for its activity and urge any providers who have previously allow-listed it to remove it and revoke any cookies associated with it.

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