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Search syntax in is slightly different.

Make a search context narrower by putting a plus sign before the most important word in your search.
'+weather 12180' generates different results than weather 12180'.
Typical search engine results are context narrow by default.

Add Gigablast as a search engine manually by using
''" to your browser.

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Small businesses should FOLLOW their customers rather than wait for them.

There's a good chance it will cost you less to relocate than to operate at 75% less capacity.

Housing costs are cheaper in smaller communities. The cost of a luxury apartment in Upstate NY is $400 cheaper than a single bedroom in Kings County.

. Even a two year jump did wonders for my finances and I'm poor AF.

(c) ZeroHedge on | story by Tyler Durden | 10/3/2020

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Uninstall Play Services and related apps at the user-level using ADB, which does not require root.

Warning: Significant functionality could be LOST. Please prepare before doing this.

(c) Gadgets to Use | story by Ritik Singh | 7/10/2020

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When you put it that way, it seems G*****'s latest action against the is purely spiteful.

I stand by my remarks and encourage people to stop relying on them.

website status 

Six DTP pages were updated.
One story was updated.
One snippet was updated.
XBitHack directive expanded to .txt files.
About me page added with VCF.*
G-----+ Takeout added*

*IP-restricted viewing, visit and send me a DM with your IP or network CIDR, and I will add it.

Important updates are being made to my server.

As a result, it will be down for a bit.

favicon, website status 

I don't host a favicon at the traditional path.

Favicons for my site are in the asset folder under '365stops.ico'.

I heard about how favicons are a vulnerability and figured that if I named it differently and placed it in a subfolder rather than the root, it would miss most pre-built scrapers.

Judging by my access.log and error.log, that seems to be the case.

Hotlinking bad

I've done it. Please check If styles differ, clear your cache.

My expires caching rules permit CSS files to stay for a day.

Very soon, I will make enhancements to the HTML version that I believe could be helpful.

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I styled my XML sitemap, too.

Changes will come tomorrow night. The CSS files are already updated.

linuxposting, x11vnc 

Finding #1

You cannot run multiple instances of x11vnc, as it will cause ports to lock, even if allowed through firewall.

Confirmed through the use of two differently named .service files that have credentials in two locales.

You can, however, switch between them. When you do, you must disable one, run the command "systemctl daemon-reload" followed by enabling another.

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linuxposting, x11vnc 

I am currently exploring other uses for x11vnc at the moment, including possibly streaming the audio component, which seems to be quite difficult.

I will report my findings in an updated x11vnc tutorial. Stay tuned.

before and after, pig humor 

You know that phenomenon where non-related posts adjacent to each other tell a story?


linuxposting, website status 

I have decided to utilize Webmin as an administrative frontend because running a website is hard. Being able to search for the settings I need is easier.

Prior to moving my site over to the droplet, I used cPanel. cPanel is not compatible with any other OS except RHEL and CentOS, and requires payments of $10-15 a month to maintain.

hot take, website status 

I do use a self signed cert for my site at present. I'm setting aside a time to eventually get a CA cert like I did before.

In the meantime, you're gonna have to trust me and my site, and that's entirely up to you.

hot take, linuxposting, apache2 

It is possible to deliver TLS over ports other than 443. Just be sure to edit your site's ssl.conf accordingly, allow that port through the firewall and create separate entries for each.

hot take 

Don't wait for messiahs. Be your own messiah.

Please don't be mean. Meanness begets meanness.

You can watch the world burn, or create a dry ice cannon big enough to keep the flames away from your space.

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