*explaining mastodon to someone* yeah, ok, there's not really any brand presence. the Garfield account is just a person who is using it as an alias, not Jim Davis's account. oh no, not that one. the Nicolas Maduro account is actually real, that's actually the official account of the president of Venezuela


@melissasage official accounts that want to stand out can add code to their websites that will generate a check mark on their profile page so that people can tell they're who they say they are.

I added a meta tag to each link posted on my profile page as an example.

If brands are concerned about authentication, this is how they verify who they are.

@melissasage brands can also create their own instances using already-owned domain names.

A downtown BID could create an instance for all the businesses in their district.

A city or region could create an instance that can be used to delegate official accounts. Authoritative domain names go a long way in businesses verifying who they are.

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