using G***** Search to view links from my site! I'm blocking G*****bot, which attempts to track your visit without your consent.

G*****bot operates under 66.249/16 and this IP is blocked on the server level by me. Please go to my site directly at!

@masstransitkrow Love it. What do you propose as an alternative to Google?


For Email
ProtonMail (
Even paid Outlook is better than free Gmail.
But Outlook commits newsletter tampering.


For Android:
F-Droid (
LineageOS (
/e/ foundation (

If you are not ready to take on extra responsibility as an Android user, this advice will harm you.


For Video:

I was banned from Vimeo and I never heard back from them as to why I was. They have viewpoint bias.

These services are fairly new, and without monetary support, they could fail.

@masstransitkrow Newsletter tampering? What's that?

Also, why not Tutanota?


when an email provider decides to deny a particular mail server access to their server. That can be used to kill all newsletters on that server.

The Indemnify clause in the TOS gives them this right, however.

It's a mechanism similar to how the Fediverse isolated Gab, which is 99.3% insulated from the rest of us.

Because people like Mike Adams and Alex Jones host their own infrastructure, it makes them less prone to registrar pressured takedowns, but much easier to block.

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