This author has done no research whatsover into the claims they are attempting to dispute. "Insolence" is not bothering to look.

You won't be convincing anyone without at least ten external links. Almost all links lead back to your site.

On the other hand, the people who researched these theories have done their homework and your statements are tantamount to slander.

(c) Thoughtful Insolence | story by Orac | 9/14/2020

@masstransitkrow I count sixteen external links. What’s wrong with citing your own prior work, anyway?

Ten links sounds like quite a big demand for a 2000 word article, a large section of which seems devoted to rhetorical flourish.

@fluffy If you make a direct accusation against someone, you should try to understand why they believe the way they do.

To say that power hungry people are not taking advantage of this pandemic by looting working class people and consolidating power is ignorant.

Only people who benefit from the status quo would produce such out of touch information.

I'm sure you know someone who has suffered mentally and/or economically from this.

@fluffy you asked "What's wrong with citing your own work?"

I mentioned how the dynamic changes when you involve someone other than yourself. It isn't the number of external links I'm worried about, but the substance of the argument overall.

@masstransitkrow The content of an article has no influence on the scholarly validity of citation methods.

I don’t think you have a case here Eric.

@fluffy possibly so. As you said, it's just "rhetorical flourish".

I could probably do some more digging on this.

@masstransitkrow You seem like the kind of guy who has more important things to do. Why not let “internet debater” types waste their own time and keep working on your own success?

@fluffy I agree. My breakoff attempt that obvious? 😲

There's some truth in what's being said online, it's just so fragmented.

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