Part of the reason I shifted from render blocking JS to crontabs and symbolic links was because of the points you make in the final paragraph, @resynth1943.

There are other concerns I've been raising about Cloudflare lately.

@resynth1943 Of course!

Originally, the render blocking JS rewrote the meta headers of every page it was affixed to. At 6 PM, it would rewrite "365stops.css" to "365stops-nite." It was also timezone agnostic. If it was 6 PM in your area, it would go dark.

Now, I keep both CSS files in a upper folder locale and created a timed symbolic link via crontab that changes the symbolic link in /assets to the one I want based on the time of day.

@masstransitkrow that... wow. That is fucking genius.

I need to hire a VPS instead of GitLab Pages lol

@resynth1943 This method actually allows for holiday style themeing and instantaneous transformations sitewide as a result.

The command I included goes as follows:
0 18 * * *
ln -sf /backups/365stops-nite.css /public_html/assets/365stops.css

0 8 * * *
ln -sf /backups/365stops.css /public_html/assets/365stops.css

So the symbolic link remains the same, but the crontab lets me drop in whatever source file I want.

/asset is replicated as a symlink across all browseable directories too.

So any changes I make with this crontab affect all pages on my site immediately.

It's an automated drop-in process I originally used for the feed_rss.xml file but then I said, "wait, I could do this sitewide"

@resynth1943 notice to would-be hackers:

/backups/ is not accessible via the web because it's not in the allowed directory for public view.

The world can only interact with 209 pages even though ~1600 elements exist. This is due to me setting permissions to very restrictive settings and then loosening them.

Default is chmod 644, but some folders are 640 and others are 750.

@masstransitkrow security is fun :blobcatmelt:

Do you do any sandboxing on the web server? That sounds like a fun experiment

@resynth1943 I don't have that level of administrative control.

I am the equivalent of a standard user on this Linux server.

@resynth1943 It's one I pay $20/yr for via my email provider. They lease with a company in the American Heartland that has server farms from Four corners to the St. Louis Arch.

It was a lot of trial and error in the beginning. I broke my .htaccess file dozens of times.

I seem confident, but I am still new to this.

@masstransitkrow oh wow, that is hella cheap. So that's $1.6 dollar every month (I'm shit at maths)?

@masstransitkrow I am probably still fucking up the maths but $2.4/month doesn't seem that bad to me, although I suppose it depends on the economical circumstances

@resynth1943 I'm forever cheap no matter the circumstance, although I often migrate on the basis of feature set and immediate usefulness.

For example, I moved from Rackspace to Runbox because I wanted a contacts / calendar solution that didn't require proprietary protocols like EWS.

And DavDroid works without Play Services and is one of my top five recommended sideloads.

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