Yes, you can. It isn't impossible.

As I state in Quitting G*****, Part II, "you must be willing to cope with a lifestyle change in order to complete this step."

This means not just shrinking your digital footprint, but making sure you're able to transfer your footprint elsewhere.

T9 texting is actually not too bad. I can keep up with my Sonim XP5800 quite fine.

You're not working hard enough to .

@masstransitkrow I'm surprised didn't go with Ubuntu os on a phone, heard its a great system. It is sad how much of are digital life's go through these gatekeepers.

@Theehermit people have regarded Ubuntu touch as unreliable and digitizer hostile.

I believe /e/ has an OS of their own, and of course, Lineage OS could be ported to it with the right effort.

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