I'm testing out self-hosting using Oracle's Virtual Box and I'd like to report my findings.

The goal was to be able to access a local network resource (the VBOX) from another computer (host).

This succeeded, after 50 hours of intermittent focus. This is how:

You must use a bridged adapter for the VBOX. I chose my ethernet adapter.

You must use the IP addresses on the shared adapter. My paid VPN did not work, likely because of the NOARP, POINTTOPOINT flags.

Install apache2.

Go into sites available conf file under sites-available and pick a port. I did not pick Port 80. My custom port worked.

Go into ports.conf and add the custom port there, too.

Allow these ports through the firewall on all devices you wish to go back and forth with.

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Add the IP addresses of ALL communicating PCs through each of their hosts file.

All PCs used in this demonstration run Linux Mint. I will attempt this on LMDE and let you know what happens in the NTDF.

Delete the html folder in /var/www/html and symlink the folder you wish to share.

Give www-data Access only group privileges to any folder you need visible. Folders are in a working home directory but only ten are viewable.

Access the resource using its private IP address and port you specified in the apache 000 conf and ports file, followed by any known file up ahead.

I did this on a Class B private network owned by my landlord. I will consider running an isolated network long term.


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