straight up I am in love with water fountains. whenever I look at a public water fountain I go "this is literally a monument to a functioning civilization." when I look at a public water fountain I think about all of the technology, all of the water filtration and pipes and infrastructure that came together to provide Me drinkable water in a public space
some urban designer built Me a fountain to drink from because I might be thirsty. Literally the opposite of hostile architecture.

when I go bow to drink at a water fountain, that is a religious act to me, full stop.

getting in line to drink from a water fountain, coming across a water fountain when you don't expect one, it's literally a thing built solely to take care of you, just because you might like to be taken care of in that place. There can be no ulterior motive to the water fountain. When they blocked them off during covid a part of me literally fucking died

like I don't want to be over the top here but this is the basic design of the global representation of god that you find in the prayer room in international airports.


@wgahnagl it's such a remarkable take, though.

I never really thought of them that way. It's a shame many are shut down right now due to COVID.

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