All links to have been removed from the #honkstore.

@Hyolobrika @tedu Unfortunately, FB followed the link and saw it redirects to the join Mastodon link, so they've blocked it, too...


@lightweight @Hyolobrika @tedu We're being simultaneously slandered and gaslighted right now as well.

A number of stories are demonizing decentralized sites while simultaneously saying that big tech has too much power and there should be an alternative.


@lightweight @Hyolobrika @tedu I'd like to remind users that all the "fast-growing" alternatives are at the mercy of AWS. Do a dig of your favorite alt-media site and you'd be surprised.

For an example, while this instance has its own nameservers, they reverse to ClouDNS.

@masstransitkrow @lightweight @tedu
@p Do we* depend on AWS or any other big company? What do we depend on?

* CounterFedi runs on CofeSpace

@Hyolobrika @tedu @lightweight you rely on a provider called SoftLayer, which has four of its own nameservers that redirect back to each other, which makes for a strong, independent SOA.

@masstransitkrow @Hyolobrika @tedu do you have any references to those stories? I'd be interested to see them...

@lightweight @tedu @masstransitkrow What is the story behind this thread? FB blocks links to decentralized networks? App stores block apps that link to them?
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