So, I found a setting that might be useful in reining in background data usage.

depiction of Twitter 

Bad Eggs.

© | comic by Kris Wilson | 7/5/2017

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who are receiving pay, if any:

Those greenbacks will be rendered worthless once your job is done. Unless they're giving you ingots in those envelopes, YOU'RE BEING SET UP FOR FAILURE.

The Dollar is being destroyed and you might as well be holding toilet paper in three months.

residents don't have the luxury of burning down a Walmart, as they are 33% of the area's employment.

Unfortunately, the unrest has made its way to our community. I heard the Glenville Walmart was ransacked yesterday. Surprised it’s not on the news yet. I decided to give them all a call and see if they’re OK.
Here's what's going on:

#2874 – shaken, but OK
#1940 – no answer
#2264 – OK
#2152 – OK, closing early at 5:30 PM

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Now with synchronized error pages.

So, I found a way to add a DVD drive to my 14-inch laptop. However, I had to cut a giant space in the bottom half of my undercarriage.

Not the best look, but I always prefer function over form.

HP 14-a082nr from 2014


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