In spite of my remarks on, some people tried to push the envelope anyways.

I feel so bad for you, I will actually provide a working directory structure diagram for you.

Check back for replies.

I disagree.

They are absolutely private companies, but they're trying to have their cake and eat it too.

I don't think reforming Section 230 is wise either, but there is a clear and present bias and I'm concerned about the precedent being set.

Those 500 pages that were unpublished in 2018 were not hate speech or spam, and some were even liberal.

I'm disappointed that TechDirt is justifying 's censorship of indie media.

They themselves are in danger.


If you use Asunder to rip CDs, change "" to "".

This will ensure that the correct server populates your music.

Windows 10 users - Groove Music is a slick app, but it cannot comprehend CDA files.

The crontab was a success. I will apply the change to top level pages soon.

A new Favicon will be added to the time sensitive mix.

Anti-G***** Rant, Online Shopping 

Dammit, EBay is in too deep with the big G.

I've never seen a site this badly broken.

And no, I will not unblock

I just recreated the sandwich people were killing each other for earlier last year, and I must say, it's delicious.


Perdue breaded chicken for $5.74
Thomas' Nooks N Crannies 4-pack for $5.85
Kraft Shredded Sharp Cheddar for $3.96
Gold Emblem Spreadable honey for $5.29

I toasted the bagels using coconut oil in a toaster oven at 360F for five minutes in toast mode, the chicken for 12m at 425F, and added the rest.

So, Facebook ignored warnings that racism was embedded in its automated flagging tools. That's not right.

The below snippet is a logical fallacy. That's also not right.

Facebook also has a history of circumventing the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by allowing advertisers to target or exclude homeseekers on the basis of a protected class.

(c) NBC News | story by Olivia Solon | 7/23/2020

Rise and Shine!

Kodiak Cakes aren't cheap, but they're very good. And I got them just right after about several tries.

When I was on T******, I shared this meme about one of the artists I followed shortly after they allowed new commissions.

They were swamped and closed themselves to commissions just as quickly.

A to who are considering moving to the but are concerned about verification:

Use the tag like the one in line 8 of my home page on your personal website.

This will cause a green check mark to appear next to your site should you include it in the links field.

So, I found a setting that might be useful in reining in background data usage.

depiction of Twitter 

Bad Eggs.

© | comic by Kris Wilson | 7/5/2017

A that the templates for my site are publicly available for inspection.

All drafts for my site are offline, in a directory structure that replicates my site's ideal navigation before publication.

No drafts are kept on my server to save space. Find out what's cookin' at

who are receiving pay, if any:

Those greenbacks will be rendered worthless once your job is done. Unless they're giving you ingots in those envelopes, YOU'RE BEING SET UP FOR FAILURE.

The Dollar is being destroyed and you might as well be holding toilet paper in three months.

residents don't have the luxury of burning down a Walmart, as they are 33% of the area's employment.

Unfortunately, the unrest has made its way to our community. I heard the Glenville Walmart was ransacked yesterday. Surprised it’s not on the news yet. I decided to give them all a call and see if they’re OK.
Here's what's going on:

#2874 – shaken, but OK
#1940 – no answer
#2264 – OK
#2152 – OK, closing early at 5:30 PM

? My site has a dark mode that activates when it's 6 PM in your area.

Anything to make browsing my catalog of stories, DeskThemePacks and campaigns easier to the eyes.

user? You'll have the daytime mode throughout. Be nice to my custom fonts. They're local.

Now with synchronized error pages.

So, I found a way to add a DVD drive to my 14-inch laptop. However, I had to cut a giant space in the bottom half of my undercarriage.

Not the best look, but I always prefer function over form.

HP 14-a082nr from 2014

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