My knowledge of the Linux filesystem has gotten good enough for me to say the following with confidence:

efforts will no longer rely on elevation. Make sure you store dependencies in these directories:


Linux Mint supports slideshows. That is nice to know. One caveat: It displays the same image on all monitors anyway until the next one.

Reminder: WAV files will not sound in Linux Mint, even though you can assign them.

Use Sound Converter to turn them into OGG files instead.

The Mint Menu icon is given the Documents Icon of the theme I port.

So, I did it again. Now Riding Trains has made its way to my Linux Mint Desktop.

I will be uploading the cursorPNG folder shortly. The normal.cursor file is precreated.

Run and place the contents of folder "x11" into /home/$USER/.icons/ultrains/cursors/.

23 X11 cursors and 15 .cursor files should result.

Fantasy Railroad cursor are now available in X11!

The normal cursor file gave me some trouble. After manually typing it, it did work.

Let me know if you run into similar issues.

Happy Theming!


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