My website currently uses hex values to render colors. For reinforcement and illustrative purposes, I will use RGBA.

Here goes nothing.

If I did it right, nothing should look different.

My guidance on access keys is problematic and unreliable.

I will be crafting a redirect rule that causes the user to go home when they type /home anywhere they are or /help to be sent to the help page.

Forty-two stories have been format-adjusted to compensate for the non-whitespace rule I enabled for txtPanel elements.

This causes the page to lengthen considerably.

People have remarked to me privately that my site's CSS is unwieldy.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day consolidating lines, removing excess or clashing attributes and taking note of which attributes clashed by doing a walkthrough with F12.

I shouldn't have 19 different font-size specifiers and brought them down to 13 for each CSS file.

The number of lines in each file has decreased by yet another 100.

Please check my Github for more.

Now that the migration from Render blocking JS to Crontab is complete, this means that the switch time will be limited to 6:00 PM -0400 from now on.

This is because the render blocking JS used toLocaleTimeString(), which meant if it was 6 PM in your area, it would go to night with you too.

For those of you where it isn't 8 AM yet, check out the new night time favicon.

The migration from render blocking JavaScript to equivalent crontabs is now complete.

It will also result in new opportunities to create holiday specific styles, also via crontab.

The crontab was a success. I will apply the change to top level pages soon.

A new Favicon will be added to the time sensitive mix.

So, I have shifted from JavaScript rendering the daytime nighttime CSS to a Crontab.

Let me know your thoughts. And stop using WordPress. Seriously.

I don't use Wordpress or PHP. If you're going to prod, look where something actually is.

So, the timestamp that PRO-Sitemaps used was YYYY-Mon-DD 24H-MM-SS+/-TZ-HH-MM.

They used UTC in their calculations, but I live four hours behind London. New stories use -04:00.

Eventually, I will update all the timestamps to reflect this.


I made an update to the Base Calculator.

One of the things I was taught when crafting inputs is that you need a way to catch incorrect entries.

I also needed a practical way to clear entries if a user chose to re-use the field. While they could overwrite, the proper thing to do when you're done with one form of data is to clear the field for the next data set.

I'll be sharing these updates on Github, under util-js.

I've added Base Calculator as a campaign and passed those updates to my sitemaps (XML and HTML).

So, I added a Base Calculator to my site! It's a modification of an assignment I did in CIS 236.

That textbook was a piece of work. Thankfully, so am I.

slight formatting flub in the sitemap html.

In addition, some new site redirection rules have been applied.

I also added a 401 page where needed. While my site does not have any login infrastructure, it seems people still attempt to look for one anyway.

So they deserved a custom error page, too.

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