I ask AGAIN that you stop using G***** to search for my site. I am not OK with my visitors being tracked by anyone other than me.

It undermines my sole right to make use of that data and it must STOP.

66.249/16 will continue to be blocked.

Render blocking JS is frequently frowned upon. I am already experimenting with a crontab technique that I'm currently using on the feed_rss.xml file.

About 30% of the pages on my site are in need of code overhaul. I will start with DTP galleries and work my way to any stories that remain.

Once this is done, I will start working on a project that's near and dear to me now that I've scanned and gone over the needed docs. Serious stuff.

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I'm considering a structural substitute for the render blocking JavaScript and it just might work. I will keep you posted on what comes of it.


Some slight CSS edits were made to the txtPanel returnTag element. I think it will do wonders for my site load time as Orbitron will no longer be loaded when both these elements are used at once.

The most notable update will be my sitemap and feed pages.

Blink users: Please let me know if my site does not render CSS when properly viewed and provide a screengrab when possible.

I've decided to make updates to my site searchable as a hashtag.

If any updates are made to 365stops.ORG, you'll know with this hashtag.


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