This is extremely upsetting.

I would NEVER do this to you. It would be a breach of your trust. ALL resources that are on my site rely on local resources.

While you need to download DTPs themselves from the internet, absolutely none of the theme's resources connect to the internet. It isn't required and it never will be.

This was the reason I ask users not to download my DeskThemePack files from a torrent, due to the risk of adulteration like this.

So, my files don't jibe completely well with Windows 7 and the DeskThemePack installer and I'm a bit disheartened about it.

I'm going to eventually code this disclaimer into each DTP page so no one else is caught off guard.


For first time visitors, this change will take effect immediately.

I also did some housekeeping. When you view certain pages, you should see a cursor override that resembles the normal cursor for the theme you're previewing.

If you don't, "Something went wrong."

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based on my first Gigablast search, people seem to be interested in Le Moulin and Fantasy Railroad.

I will port those over to my site immediately.

I'm immensely thankful for those porting my DTPs, but I only trust Russell and Josh to do it without malign intent.

Please do not trust my ports if they are hosted on a torrent.

Are you being walled off from downloads on DeviantArt?

Let me know which ones you're trying to download and I will bring them to my site!

I reworked one of my entries.

Magic Knight Rayearth is now available to download from my page. XDA links also updated.

I moved another !

Get The Prisoner of Azkaban on my site. Remember, "the title is in the download link".


DeviantArt has walled off my softlinks! This will result in accelerated removal of entries from my site.

I apologize for any inconvenience this caused. I had no idea they did this.

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