@blindtwig it's possible that you left the "Delete User Data" checkbox unchecked when you installed it

@hexandcube your local instance can be funded via this Patreon Link:


This link is verified under @stux's profile.

@aetios It's great to see focus on a soon-to-be-endangered species instead of cats

I no longer use my personal IP by Digital Ocean in North Bergen, NJ. As of November 26th, I cannot vouch for its activity and urge any providers who have previously allow-listed it to remove it and revoke any cookies associated with it.

So, I have been busy. I created some new content on my site. I learn new stuff on Linux every day and thought I'd share.


could it be because I use CWs in my posts that embeds just stop working?

Give www-data Access only group privileges to any folder you need visible. Folders are in a working home directory but only ten are viewable.

Access the resource using its private IP address and port you specified in the apache 000 conf and ports file, followed by any known file up ahead.

I did this on a Class B private network owned by my landlord. I will consider running an isolated network long term.


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