My Certificate Provider discontinued the certificate I purchased in February.

I'd like those six dollars back.


Check your DigiCert certificates. They might have been revoked.

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Always be aware that I do keep track of what directories are accessed and which are not.

Drafts are kept offline. When content is updated, the older version is overwritten.

I have a WYSIWYG configuration in which the final product is rendered exactly as I want you to see it.

When I put my site up, I configured folder permissions before uploading content.

@pingviini the Mohawk Valley has 36 terrestrial channels you can watch anytime for free.

One HDTV tuner and 50-mile range antenna required.

based on my first Gigablast search, people seem to be interested in Le Moulin and Fantasy Railroad.

I will port those over to my site immediately.

I'm immensely thankful for those porting my DTPs, but I only trust Russell and Josh to do it without malign intent.

Please do not trust my ports if they are hosted on a torrent.

Gigablast claims that they are being blacklisted at the moment. Similar things have happened to Minds and Brighteon.

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Somebody from Solutions For Humanity suggested much better search engine suggestions than I provided yesterday, some of which I never heard of.

Gonna give 'em a try.

Edge Legacy seems to have been superseded by Edge Chrome.

As I mentioned previously, Chrome will now add 3% market share for a total of 65%.

Regardless of which flavor of Chrome you are using, Chrome is Chrome and you are making G*****'s grip on the internet ever tighter.

Support Gecko or Goanna instead.

@fireglow every single company right now who is supporting G***** and attempting to push back against arguments like mine have:

1) a vested financial interest in G*****'s success, and stand to lose big should arguments like this prevail; this group will assail any alternatives, both publicly and discreetly.

2) have been acquired or substantially supported by G*****, which means if they speak out of turn, it's as simple as cutting them off. It's like a bad romance.

@fireglow instead of framing the argument against G*****, play on the inner vices of the businesses and devs who keep enabling them.

Why should G***** get to keep and make money off the data businesses and people simply give away?

If there's one thing that still rules this world, it's MONEY. Businesses who continue to give money to G***** enable their bad behavior and assure their destruction.

Businesses need to realize that giving money at G***** is like throwing it in a black hole.


when an email provider decides to deny a particular mail server access to their server. That can be used to kill all newsletters on that server.

The Indemnify clause in the TOS gives them this right, however.

It's a mechanism similar to how the Fediverse isolated Gab, which is 99.3% insulated from the rest of us.

Because people like Mike Adams and Alex Jones host their own infrastructure, it makes them less prone to registrar pressured takedowns, but much easier to block.

Is there the possibility we could show more exotic animals in addition to cats?

Even a Lynx would be refreshing.
Yesterday's Pangolin was especially so.

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