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Those who would sacrifice their security for a little bit of convenience deserve neither security nor convenience, and will lose both.

The Akamai outage is a disgusting, preventable occurrence. Host your own media for crud's sake. I do.

Of course, @nemo!

May I get two followers to copy and repost this message? I’m trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Es hört immer jemand zu.

US 1-800-273-8255

UK 116 123

GER 0800 1110111

Just two. Any two. Copy. Not boost.

@praveen I currently use recursive DNS to browse the web, but due to the reputation of my ASN, I get blocked regardless.

re: NYS/NYC gender marker bullshit I've been informed about 

@cdmnky @Elizafox franchises will likely slip through the longest.

re: NYS/NYC gender marker bullshit I've been informed about 

@cdmnky @Elizafox it syncs by December 2021 to $15/hr and exceptions remain for companies with < 50 employees for another few months.

@Moon @coolboymew @harblinger so, such a thing exists? I'd presume I'd make the cut but I have no idea such federation protocols even existed.

I'm sort of excited as it gives us an opportunity to combat the shill-induced fragmentation.

@Moon I was too. I thought it was kinda wrong tho from an infosec standpoint

@Elizafox you are. I like your insights. I actually pinned one to my SPC profile page. You makes so much sense.

@mousebot @aral if you're concerned about trackers, sinkhole the domains used by them using your own Bind9 resolver with DNS entries that point such domains to

Most trackers are followed up by spam campaigns, so given that I've only been targeted by one spam campaign, it seems they're having trouble getting enough info.

Which is good.

@yourhero @aral you could try the fork, Pale Moon. It gets monthly security patches.

However, it will bring you back to 2004 in terms of aesthetic and extension capability.

But if more people helped the dev, Pale Moon could be brought further into the 21st Century.

Pale Moon runs a variant of Gecko called Goanna, and uses keypair synchronization for settings and bookmarks.

Some settings are not where you're used to finding them, but check about:config.

@wgahnagl it's such a remarkable take, though.

I never really thought of them that way. It's a shame many are shut down right now due to COVID.

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Health insurance is about to get even more expensive as sicker, risk-taking, unwell individuals begin to outnumber healthy, low-risk individuals.

I couldn't think of a better way to save money. Life is short. Make it count.


@crash @selea Last I checked, Mastodon since version 3 requires email as a second step.

It's possible the users who were compromised were using Mastodon before the update to version 3.

As always, is your friend. Please use it. A phone IS NOT required.

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