I really love the new follow management tool. So simple, so straightforward.

@luna I guess so. There's plenty of humor to be had here on the :fediverse:.

Your idea of it might vary from mine though.

food final product 

@vantablack you did good. I use coconut oil all the time. It makes for some golden touches.

Example here:


@luna Maybe someone can create an API that pulls specific posts from Federated and puts them in a newsletter

@luna that's effectively the Federated Timeline in each Masto instance.

It's actually how I saw this.

@Decentralize_today I love how they complain that the Irish DPC has too much power concentrated in the hands of one person.

Zuckerberg has over 60% of FB's voting shares, making his decisions final and immutable.

People have remarked to me privately that my site's CSS is unwieldy.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day consolidating lines, removing excess or clashing attributes and taking note of which attributes clashed by doing a walkthrough with F12.

I shouldn't have 19 different font-size specifiers and brought them down to 13 for each CSS file.

The number of lines in each file has decreased by yet another 100.

Please check my Github for more.


@Tutanota way ahead of you.

I mention in my How to Quit G***** Series that SSO and third party app integrations must be addressed before disabling G***** Play Services on your mobile device.


US health 

@sir blame Private Equity for it getting this bad

"They changed it and didn't tell anybody," -Jose-Luis Jiminez

Of course they didn't. The intent is to confuse and scare people. I'm glad someone is paying attention though.

(c) Los Angeles Times on MSN.com | story by Richard Read | 9/21/2020


A new that attempts to correlate the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and susceptibility to SARS-nCOV-2.

I'm glad someone is addressing this. Jargon-laden, be warned.

Fun Fact: In 2019, my last blood test results indicated a vitamin D level of 22 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter) in my blood.

The typical person has ~2.7 gallons of blood in their system (about 5 liters).

The ideal lab result should be 40 ng/mL or higher.


This is extremely upsetting.

I would NEVER do this to you. It would be a breach of your trust. ALL resources that are on my site rely on local resources.

While you need to download DTPs themselves from the internet, absolutely none of the theme's resources connect to the internet. It isn't required and it never will be.

This was the reason I ask users not to download my DeskThemePack files from a torrent, due to the risk of adulteration like this.


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