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@thatbrickster @cereal then THAT makes sense why Masto can't see it. Some embeds DO federate, though.

@cereal @thatbrickster I can't see it from the Masto side even though I have the font on my system.

Normally when users put an unsupported emoji in posts, computers that would otherwise disappear it will show it if it knows what font it is.

@Moon @cell if the blinking bothers people, may I suggest the following?

Under about:config in Firefox, set the "image.animation-mode" to none, and in Vivaldi, go to the picture icon on the very bottom right of the window on desktop, and click the "Never" radio button.

Firefox mobile users can do the same thing. There isn't a mobile option for Vivaldi yet.

@venko my science teacher had like 20 of these on VHS.

Do you prefer the flute or sax intro?

@vriska not if you found a way to cling to a Medicaid Class A Living Designation

@Elizafox you're actually quite inspiring, Eliza. I pinned your thread on ASD onto my SPC meta page.

truly horrible shitpost 

@Elizafox I legit use ssmaze.scr as a screensaver today

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