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Besides Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook also owns Onavo (a VPN) and Oculus (an AR/VR company).

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Facebook has bought . While Mapillary claims that their committment to Open Street Map won't be affected, we know Facebook has a habit of going back on its word.

Yet another mapping provider I cannot recommend.

Like it did with WhatsApp.

© | 6/18/2020

IT staff should consider priming their nuclear options.

Things are about to get ugly.

I moved another !

Get The Prisoner of Azkaban on my site. Remember, "the title is in the download link".

So some bagged salads are contaminated with Cyclospora bacteria and if you have them, you should throw them away.

© USA Today | story by Kelly Tyko | 6/20/2020


DeviantArt has walled off my softlinks! This will result in accelerated removal of entries from my site.

I apologize for any inconvenience this caused. I had no idea they did this.

Are you sick of G*****? You don't have to be. I've dedicated the past several years to finding ways to rely on them less.

But I've gotten smarter as a result by forcing myself to figure things out. If you've been reading my stories, you know challenges are my preferred way of learning.

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