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holy crap, the sign ups on the appear to be picking up the pace.

What's driving it?

The is grappling with affecting at least 1K customers.

If it seems that you're spending longer in the dark than most, you're not alone. Judging by the map, it looks like National Grid is spread real thin:

Unfortunately, it relies on G***** Play Services.

Do NOT underestimate corporate or IT entanglement with G***** software and services.

If you want to truly break away, be prepared for retaliation.

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in progress. 300K gal of untreated water is making the rounds in the Mohawk River.

Dammit, Montgomery County. Update your friggin' pumps. 24 gallons is not a sufficient capacity.

Last summer, your county polluted the river with 49mil gallons of untreated sewage.

This is why I didn't turn Cloud Clipboard on.

As if people didn't distrust them already.

© Naked Security by Sophos | story by Lisa Vaas | 6/30/2020

For those seeking a more drastic solution who have their own frameworks (e.g. institutions, researchers, power users), I recommend the use of Windows Spy Blocker.

DON'T USE THIS if you use any linked Microsoft product.

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So, I found a setting that might be useful in reining in background data usage.

and do not bring the chaos you flee with you to communities that welcome you with open arms.

You're freaking pets out with the early fireworks. Cut it out, or do you not care about the health and welfare of our furry friends?

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Another day, another brand of chicken nuggets recalled. It always seems to be rubber or staples.

© Cable News Network Health | no author specified | 6/29/2020

So, it appears an improperly configured htaccess file was to blame for all the errors I was getting.

And after some extended digging, it turns out the IP addresses I blocked both belonged to someone I pay for.


I use this provider to scan my site for broken links, which can harm SEO***, break story flow and impair site loading times.

***SEO strikes that pertain to QUALITY only

So, it looks like G***** is now actively interfering with , too.

I said that they're no longer just targeting conservatives. Stop consenting to this BS. or they will delete YOU.

depiction of Twitter 

Bad Eggs.

© | comic by Kris Wilson | 7/5/2017

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