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I don't see Twitter or YouTube links due to my filter settings. If you reply and Fedi sees it, it hides it from me.

So, Facebook ignored warnings that racism was embedded in its automated flagging tools. That's not right.

The below snippet is a logical fallacy. That's also not right.

Facebook also has a history of circumventing the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by allowing advertisers to target or exclude homeseekers on the basis of a protected class.

(c) NBC News | story by Olivia Solon | 7/23/2020

Looks like St. Clare's Pensioners aren't the only ones that have had their pensions ransacked.

Kentucky pensioners are also crying foul, and a lawsuit was just filed by the Kentucky AG.

And seems to be at the center of it all.

© TooMuchInformation | story by David Sirota | 7/22/2020

Blink users: Please let me know if my site does not render CSS when properly viewed and provide a screengrab when possible.

So those 3K 5G satellites must be doing their thing right now. Guess they weren't kidding when they said it would eff with GPS.

Rise and Shine!

Kodiak Cakes aren't cheap, but they're very good. And I got them just right after about several tries.

When I was on T******, I shared this meme about one of the artists I followed shortly after they allowed new commissions.

They were swamped and closed themselves to commissions just as quickly.

What a thoughtful analysis of self vs the world by Derrick Broze.

"Rather than see themselves as crazy, we became crazy to them."

I've decided to make updates to my site searchable as a hashtag.

If any updates are made to 365stops.ORG, you'll know with this hashtag.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the urban chaos is that some packages are being intercepted illegally, and customers aren't being notified.

I hope that isn't the case here.

I have a former neighbor from downstate who said the PPE he ordered was not delivered to him.

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The dispute mechanism on Amazon is obscure. I paid $7.55 for an order that never arrived.

Here's to hoping my workaround helped. Otherwise, I'll simply look elsewhere for that particular item.

Medical personnel are also being laid off because the debt they were pumped with by private equity is now due.

As I previously said, this will make a second wave harder to address.

For first time visitors, this change will take effect immediately.

I also did some housekeeping. When you view certain pages, you should see a cursor override that resembles the normal cursor for the theme you're previewing.

If you don't, "Something went wrong."

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My website has undergone a massive re-code and redesign.

It's so massive that the changes may take a few weeks to be fully noticed for regular users.

Please check my Github for more.

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