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So, I have shifted from JavaScript rendering the daytime nighttime CSS to a Crontab.

Let me know your thoughts. And stop using WordPress. Seriously.

the WordPress Plugin for was never activated.

Browse away.

Don't forget - no Twitter or YT links, as I don't see them.

Try or share a cross-fediverse post instead.

This is an extremely worrying development.

It goes too far. This is going to be used to disappear even more vulnerable people.

Don't let G***** destroy us! Don't cave a single inch.

Don't be like Ann Coulter, who criticizes Trump for not having a spine but quickly loses her's when she chooses not to stand by her own words.

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When you put it that way, it seems G*****'s latest action against the is purely spiteful.

I stand by my remarks and encourage people to stop relying on them.

Looks like people caved. It went up even higher than it went down.

I'm going to stop by the Runbox Community to see if I can help clear the confusion for newcomers.

Trust me I was the same.

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I just recreated the sandwich people were killing each other for earlier last year, and I must say, it's delicious.


Perdue breaded chicken for $5.74
Thomas' Nooks N Crannies 4-pack for $5.85
Kraft Shredded Sharp Cheddar for $3.96
Gold Emblem Spreadable honey for $5.29

I toasted the bagels using coconut oil in a toaster oven at 360F for five minutes in toast mode, the chicken for 12m at 425F, and added the rest.

I do believe this video brings up good points.

I largely left Facebook in 2015 because I felt it'd be a hindrance to my efforts to get a job and housing, seeing what it did to both famous and ordinary people's careers.

The irony is in the last ten seconds of the video on the bottom of the screen.

I think this is very important. I've always had a poor opinion of nursing homes, especially given the treatment of my grandmother.

State Senator Jim Tedisco is cosponsoring a bill that calls for a bi-partisan investigation into the executive order that put senior citizens into harm's way by placing them in close proximity to COVID-19 patients.

This decision is accompanied by a conspiracy theory that claims this was done for financial solvency reasons. It's still cruel.

I have some dormant accounts I check into every now and then.

As a reputation control measure, I'll let you know when I do.

I checked my Medium Account and addressed four notifications for the first time in several months.

I did so from my Personal IP which is hosted by Digital Ocean in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Thank you for your comments.

The author manages pension funds. Given the recent rule changes that were made by the Department of Commerce, it's possible that the idea of another store of value that they can't touch must be driving them up a wall.

No wonder he speaks so badly about blockchain.

This is why digging is important. Otherwise my concerns would be baseless and defamatory.

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More disparaging stories about alt-tech. It's an opinion piece, but it ignores certain realities.

I decided to follow the posted links, and they do not bolster the claims made by the author. Some of the links are hollow garbage.

ETC's reputation is toast and no sane person would keep adding money to it. Coinbase also restricted its trading on the marketplace.

It's important to read a bad story to the end, because then tearing into it becomes a proper exercise.

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