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Get this: A stress handler for ProtonMail is also being attacked.

Someone wants to start 💩 .

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I'd like to know why this company isn't challenging Visa or MasterCard.

Those companies utilize similar tech. My Visa has a card block feature I can activate at will at the domestic and international level.

Why just Discover or AMEX?

My website currently uses hex values to render colors. For reinforcement and illustrative purposes, I will use RGBA.

Here goes nothing.

If I did it right, nothing should look different.

Reminder: WAV files will not sound in Linux Mint, even though you can assign them.

Use Sound Converter to turn them into OGG files instead.

The Mint Menu icon is given the Documents Icon of the theme I port.

So, I did it again. Now Riding Trains has made its way to my Linux Mint Desktop.

I will be uploading the cursorPNG folder shortly. The normal.cursor file is precreated.

Run and place the contents of folder "x11" into /home/$USER/.icons/ultrains/cursors/.

23 X11 cursors and 15 .cursor files should result.

This is why I scratchbuilt my site.

Trackers make both the user and the web site vulnerable and are in sore need of an audit and reform.

This is why I don't think the LGBT* community isn't respected with regards to how their data is treated by companies and the medical community.

This is why I push back against G***** so much.

(c) The Markup | By Aaron Sankin and Surya Mattu | 9/22/2020

NY-20 covers a large swath of the Mohawk Valley, southern Adirondacks and western Albany county.

The district is historically non-competitive, but is ideologically similar to NY-19.

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Researching candidates is made more difficult when fraudulent domains are registered.

Liz Joy is a perfect example. is fraudulent. Her page is actually here:

Neither clown has my vote. Down ballot is certainly important this year.

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I learned something new about the :fediverse: today.

Polls split along server lines. I was the only masto participant in a Pleroma poll but I couldn't see the other votes until I used native view.

View a post natively by clicking its timestamp in the top right corner.

My guidance on access keys is problematic and unreliable.

I will be crafting a redirect rule that causes the user to go home when they type /home anywhere they are or /help to be sent to the help page.

Why does the world continue to enable this monster of a company?

. It is the problem.

(c) Android Authority | story by Jon Fingas | 9/29/2020

An excellent point. I will not be shamed. One of the many points about why voting two ways only is worse than voting third:

"7. Supporting a political party which is designed to co-opt all leftward populism and railroad it into support for an establishment which promotes war and oligarchy while depriving Americans of the same social safety nets afforded to everyone in every other major country on earth."

(c) | story by Caitlin Johnstone | 9/29/2020

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