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Businesses and Individuals have their reasons for staying or refusing updates, and attributing such discretion to bugs or malware is highly disrespectful to power users and IT personnel.

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And this, is why you need to .

I dare someone to put my info in here. Make an educated guess that's either 15 or 20 chars long.

If I've done anything right, the details will be few.

Part of the reason I shifted from render blocking JS to crontabs and symbolic links was because of the points you make in the final paragraph, @resynth1943.

There are other concerns I've been raising about Cloudflare lately.

Small businesses should FOLLOW their customers rather than wait for them.

There's a good chance it will cost you less to relocate than to operate at 75% less capacity.

Housing costs are cheaper in smaller communities. The cost of a luxury apartment in Upstate NY is $400 cheaper than a single bedroom in Kings County.

. Even a two year jump did wonders for my finances and I'm poor AF.

(c) ZeroHedge on | story by Tyler Durden | 10/3/2020

While America at-large is distracted with the recent debate and COVID-19 diagnosis of 45, more sinister plans are underway that require your attention.

"Don't be a fool." - Bruce Wayne, Earth-99 | Crisis on Infinite Earths Part II

My knowledge of the Linux filesystem has gotten good enough for me to say the following with confidence:

efforts will no longer rely on elevation. Make sure you store dependencies in these directories:


Linux Mint supports slideshows. That is nice to know. One caveat: It displays the same image on all monitors anyway until the next one.

Get this: A stress handler for ProtonMail is also being attacked.

Someone wants to start 💩 .

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I'd like to know why this company isn't challenging Visa or MasterCard.

Those companies utilize similar tech. My Visa has a card block feature I can activate at will at the domestic and international level.

Why just Discover or AMEX?

My website currently uses hex values to render colors. For reinforcement and illustrative purposes, I will use RGBA.

Here goes nothing.

If I did it right, nothing should look different.

Reminder: WAV files will not sound in Linux Mint, even though you can assign them.

Use Sound Converter to turn them into OGG files instead.

The Mint Menu icon is given the Documents Icon of the theme I port.

So, I did it again. Now Riding Trains has made its way to my Linux Mint Desktop.

I will be uploading the cursorPNG folder shortly. The normal.cursor file is precreated.

Run and place the contents of folder "x11" into /home/$USER/.icons/ultrains/cursors/.

23 X11 cursors and 15 .cursor files should result.

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