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Freedom in a Box

My talk about privacy, decentralization, self-hosting, freedom of speech and FreedomBox.

It's a non-technical talk meant to spread awareness about the dangers of mass surveillance and the alternatives that exist to centralized systems.

Links to slides are in the video description.

Delivered at ThoughtWorks Hyderabad for the 46th edition of GeekNight on 2nd Jan, 2019.

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Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox.

Sudhamsh Kandukuri and I presented yesterday at XConf India 2018.

An inspiring story of a grassroots movement where people rejected Facebook's Free Basics and installed low-cost community Wi-Fi networks instead.
A FreedomBox on the network provides most of the essential digital services required, offline.


Video recording: coming soon!

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Welcome to this little corner of the Fediverse. This instance is one among hundreds running Mastodon.

You are seeing this because I'm the administrator of this account and I'm the first person you follow when joining this instance.

Please read the rules before posting.

This site is funded by individuals and doesn't make money with your data. You can use your real name or an alias.

You can find other instances like this one at

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All it costs to fulfill the average person's needs for digital services is a $5 per month VPS instance. It's even cheaper if you buy a single board computer and host your services at home.

We've been letting companies steal our personal data and sell it to the highest bidder and destroying democracy in the process all to save what? A coffee a month?

This is one of the worst deals in history.

Getting rid of advertising in publishing 

From GNU Taler FAQ

"Actual transaction costs are estimated around 0.001 cent/transaction (at high transaction rates, amortized over billions of transactions, excluding migration costs)."

A disruptive payment processor (similar to Lets Encrypt) powered by GNU Taler might be able to totally change the game. :blobthinkingcool:

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Getting rid of advertising in publishing 

Most people probably wouldn't mind paying 1 to 10 cents per article from publications if the payment processors didn't charge so much.

UPI in India is a free payment system (at least for now) with a minimum transaction value of 1 rupee (with a major caveat that the government knows about all your transactions).

The system should also be as easy as entering an amount and clicking a button.

capitalism is when productive resources are owned by private entities to the exclusion of everyone else, so that the majority of the population is forced to sell their labor to the owners to survive, in exchange for a fraction of the value they produce. thats it. thats the whole thing.

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It's been 45 or so years since the free software movement started and hardly 1% of professional programmers make a living by developing free software.

And of those being able to make a living, most are developing "enterprise open-source software" (like Kubernetes, Prometheus etc.) which the general public is never going to use.

If any of you are good in or , I'd appreciate some help to fix these remaining issues.

If you are good in you can help test the package or help with running on production.

-diaspora -packaging

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This keyboard has actually impressed me. Ive been using it, and now typing on mobile is a breeze. It was really strange at first though and definitely takes time to get used to.

VI8 (vim-like keyboard and editor) -

Some bad news for folks who are fans of #uMatrix. It's being archived and no longer being developed :

Can't say I didn't see this coming since maintaining a plugin, particularly as an open source project, is often a thankless job with many personal down sides

I hope it can still continue, if not as uMatrix, then as something else. I really don't like to fiddle with uBlock Origin to get the same functionality

i gave a talk for a local event on gender & computation from a trans and nonbinary perspective, if anyone is interested the slides are here (not sure they make much sense without the speech tho)

Firefox Send alternatives 

Firefox Send was discontinued this Thursday. However, the command-line tool ffsend still works. It connects to a self-hosted instance of Send maintained by the developer.

FreedomBox 20.14+ (available since Friday) provides the app Bepasty.

Yunohost has Jirafeau.

Framasoft provides a public file-sharing app at

Please support these projects and donate. 😇

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @k9mail - Popular FOSS email app for Android

🌟 @nitrokey - Free open source USB security key with open hardware too

🌟 @tootapp - Quirkily fun Mastodon app for iPhones and iPads

🌟 @switchingsoftware - Great easy-to-use guide to FOSS and federated alternatives

🌟 @kiwix - App that lets you browse and search Wikipedia, StackExchange, Project Gutenberg etc entirely offline

🌟 @smerp - Drawings through robots, paintings by bare hands

A mentoring programme created with the intention of bringing more people to Free Software with strong focus on philosophy. More at

Hi Fediverse 👋

once again, as the weekend is approaching, let's have a little fun with some software icons...

... and some bubbles! 🔵

- #Kiwix / @kiwix / Offline knowledge browser
- #Framasoft / @Framasoft / A French non-profit promoting digital freedom
- #Searx / Privacy-respecting metasearch engine
- #Syncthing / File synchronisation program

Have a good time on your way through the Internet and embrace the upcoming weekend 🙂

#ff #art #mastoart #floss 🎨

🚨 #FreedomBox 20.14 has been released and uploaded to #Debian unstable. It will migrate to testing in 2 days, and then can be uploaded to stable-backports. ⚙️🛠️💻

-Update translations for 10 languages
-20 people contributed‼️


@murtezayesil True story. My 85 year old father went from :windows: to :linuxmint: two years ago because his laptop was painfully slow and plagued with malware. He never looked back and I don't have to serve as a helpdesk anymore.

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