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2019 is the year of FreedomBox Pioneer edition home servers, Purism Librem 5 smartphones and the growing Fediverse.

This year marks a point in history where people have started to rebel against the surveillance capitalist platforms threatening our democracy and take back control over their digital lives with freedom-respecting products and services.


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Freedom in a Box

My talk about privacy, decentralization, self-hosting, freedom of speech and FreedomBox.

It's a non-technical talk meant to spread awareness about the dangers of mass surveillance and the alternatives that exist to centralized systems.

Links to slides are in the video description.

Delivered at ThoughtWorks Hyderabad for the 46th edition of GeekNight on 2nd Jan, 2019.

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Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox.

Sudhamsh Kandukuri and I presented yesterday at XConf India 2018.

An inspiring story of a grassroots movement where people rejected Facebook's Free Basics and installed low-cost community Wi-Fi networks instead.
A FreedomBox on the network provides most of the essential digital services required, offline.


Video recording: coming soon!

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Welcome to this little corner of the Fediverse. This instance is one among hundreds running Mastodon.

You are seeing this because I'm the administrator of this account and I'm the first person you follow when joining this instance.

Please read the rules before posting.

This site is funded by individuals and doesn't make money with your data. You can use your real name or an alias.

You can find other instances like this one at

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All it costs to fulfill the average person's needs for digital services is a $5 per month VPS instance. It's even cheaper if you buy a single board computer and host your services at home.

We've been letting companies steal our personal data and sell it to the highest bidder and destroying democracy in the process all to save what? A coffee a month?

This is one of the worst deals in history.

The darkest of UX patterns. Interrupt what people actually want to see (their feed) with a thing that sounds like it’s good, with a big obvious blue button that will make it go away, while uninformed users are actually “opting in” to invasive, privacy-destroying tracking.


Is this a question? Because it doesn't seem like I'm able to say "no".


The second talk about #FreedomBox at #DebConf is titled, "Running your FreedomBox over Tor" and is by Nathan Willis.

This talk will teach you how to "combine the user freedom of FreedomBox with the anonymity of the Tor network." Check it out!


Just did a quick writeup of the first functions I wrote in #Elixir! Just standard #fp / #FunctionalProgramming stuff, but it's a beautiful language!

If you want to give Rust & GTK a try, here's a simple template boilerplate for you. Bonus: it uses Meson to build the application, Flatpak to bundle it and has a Gitlab CI to create nightlies for you and a bunch of nice stuff.

@sir just out of curiosity, why this and not build out from an existing free code Minecraft clone like #Minetest? I presume you have reasons and I'd love a peek into your thinking here.

Good morning! I'm Gerrit. #intro #introductions

I'm into decentralized networks, open source hardware, modular design, distributed manufacturing, appropriate technology and solarpunk.

I spend most of my time liberating data from diabetes devices like insulin pumps and blood glucose meters, writing open-source software for

I would like to spend more time growing food and building hardware to support that, and I hope to find inspiration here in the community.

Crap Wifi in hotels makes you appreciate text media and ignore images and avoid websites that take long to load. If you can’t display shit after three seconds I guess I’m not the target audience after all.

"When Eugène Poubelle introduced the garbage can in 1884, he was criticized in the French newspapers for meddling with the ragpickers' livelihoods."

This is what happens when you tie survival to labor.

Hey, please, stop using Captcha or Recaptcha or whatever the hell its name is. Why would you compromise access to your site to a third-party technology?

Statewide Man-In-The-Middle - The government of #Kazakhstan introduced a new security law which forces its people to install a state owned root certificate, effectively subverting all https-connections:

I'm making an #ActivityPub compliant (and #IndieWeb friendly) web server for myself in #Elisp, by-the-by:

#Emacs /is/ a fine operating system.

Physicians make a strong case for official low-carb advice to the advisory committee for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

#FreeRadical blog: "Dropping"

The domain seems to be a ghost ship that is intent on DoSing users by sending them a million follow notices. I’ve suspended them.

(posted at Sat, 20 Jul 2019 15:08:17 +0000)

#Sandisk ultra A1, class 10 32gb microsd doesn't work with #raspberry pi 4. For everybody's information.

If you want to have your own #PixelFed instance but don't want to do any of the technical stuff, there's a managed hosting service you can use called #Spacebear:

You can follow Spacebear on here:


(They also provide #PeerTube instances.)

#Instagram #Alternatives

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?

* Tax savings: Similar applications don't have to be programmed from scratch every time.

* Collaboration: Major projects can share expertise and costs.

* Serving the public: Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone.

* Fostering innovation: With transparent processes, others don't have to reinvent the wheel.

#democracy #democratic #politics #freesoftware

This is a fantastic long read from Valentina Pavel via @privacyint

"If we keep our focus primarily on figuring out data ownership, we face the risk of sidetracking the discussion onto a very questionable path. This is an open invitation to develop new language for clearer conversations and to better shape our demands for the future we want to see." #scenario4 #datarights

Pro-tip: If you want to read something later either:

1) Print it to a PDF and drop that into a read_review folder
2) Add the link into your next actions list
3) Make a bookmark

in order of usefulness / ease of use.

Honestly, if I came up behind you and closed your browser you shouldn't want to kill me for closing your tabs. Give yourself the mental break from seeing all of that crap in your face at all times.

#productivity #firefox #chrome

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