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It's awkward when I'm using something I made and I have to complain to myself when it doesn't work.

Well, essentially I'm complaining to my future self who might be more able than me to solve the problems.

I'm looking for musicians that want to see their work featured in Funkwhale's demo instance. The work must be under a free licence as it will be shared publicly.

If you are interested, or know about interesting and free-licenced content, you can send me a download link to one or more albums so it can be included, either here or on :)

It would be really great if the tracks contained album covers as well, since it's missing from the current demo!

Boosts appreciated!

@hellpie Apple Marketing team Guy : This thin and light laptop has to be silent !
Engineer : But it has a powerful CPU, if it's not properly cooled, the machine will thermal throttle and in the long run that could damage the device
Guy :That's perfect, only turn on the fan when the machine is at 80Β°C so that it will die within 3 years and so the customer will buy the next generation

There's now a whole new post-web2.0 generation who have only ever lived in megacorp information silos. To teenagers today even the concepts of how email works might be quite foreign, because email became highly concentrated as Gmail.


Join us in developing #FreedomBox today! We can only reclaim the internet with your participation.

There are many ways to help in development and community engagement:

Loading common web pages without ad/tracking blocking (including browser-level tracking protection) and watching the network tab is honestly a surreal experience. Like observing a malignant force that wants to consume you, the consumer.

Google owns and points it directly at Google search

(submitted by davidbarker)

News flash: if your business plan is to make a billion dollars while decentralising the world, you’re interested in making a billion dollars, not decentralising the world.

A decentralised world, by its very nature, has no place for billionaires.

#blockchain #cryptocurrencies #rightlibertarians #venturecapital #icos

The writer Corey Doctorow is now on Mastodon here:


It's a verified account as shown here:

Let's make him welcome πŸŽ‰ , he's a long-time campaigner for open standards and copyright reform:


"Humans have a troubling tendency to be the anti-ant. Ants, individually, are stupid, but collectively intelligent. Humans, individually, are intelligent, but collectively stupid."

@h To paraphrase Melvin Kranzberg, technology is neither good, nor bad, nor is it neutral.

Key criteria: who owns and controls it?

It’s β€œsmart” tech so who’s getter smarter about whom? If it’s decentralised – the Ai, data gathering, etc., is happening on our devices and is accessible only to us – then we (individuals) are getting smarter about ourselves. That’s great. Compatible with democracy.

In surveillance capitalism, corporations get smarter about us. That’s feudal.

Waiting for a real Linux smartphone. If the Librem 5 will be good enough, I'll ditch Android.