@aadilayub @njoseph @aral @mntmn fairphone isn't a DIY, but it is an ethical phone. And remember the most ethical choice is to just use your existing phone and not create e-waste.


@thinkMoult @aadilayub@mastodon.social @aral @mntmn I had the habit of changing my phone every year or so earlier. Then I learnt about all the mining and slave labor that goes into making smartphones. I'm using my current phone for the third year now thanks to and am targeting 5 years of usage.

@njoseph +1 on that, but with a bit different reasons. Most of phones now are crap and have nothing better than it was several years ago ^_^

@njoseph @thinkMoult @aadilayub @aral @mntmn I bought my LG P880 in 2013. Thanks to inofficial #LineageOS builds, I'm still using it. Though I'm not sure how much longer it will do before falling apart :)

Have you heard of Fairphone? They've been working on making a long-lasting, conflict mineral-free phone, and they have the option of installing a non-Google Android-based OS

@frankpodmore Fairphone looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

Its basically the same config as my current phone, so the most eco-friendly option for now is to keep using my current phone for as long as the hardware lasts and has software updates.

@njoseph @thinkMoult @aadilayub @aral @mntmn really good for you man. I would do the same but the puri.sm phone is in my sights.

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