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Just yoinked myself a Reform beta 3 kit to play with. Awesome project by @mntmn with lots of potential based right here in our own back yard in the EU :)

(This one’s for developers… so if you’re looking for something to tinker with and explore future possibilities, check it out!)

#ethicaltechnology #ethicaldesign

@aral @mntmn I wish there was something like this for smartphones as well.

@aadilayub @njoseph @aral @mntmn fairphone isn't a DIY, but it is an ethical phone. And remember the most ethical choice is to just use your existing phone and not create e-waste.

Joseph Nuthalapati @njoseph

@thinkMoult @aadilayub @aral @mntmn I had the habit of changing my phone every year or so earlier. Then I learnt about all the mining and slave labor that goes into making smartphones. I'm using my current phone for the third year now thanks to and am targeting 5 years of usage.

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@njoseph @thinkMoult @aral @mntmn Beautiful. I will now resolve to do the same with my current phone.

@aadilayub @thinkMoult @aral @mntmn The battery degradation is not noticeable yet. My phone's battery is not user replaceable unfortunately. Hope I'll find a spare when that time comes.

@njoseph @aadilayub @aral @mntmn yes the non replaceable battery is a big issue. Just use it as long as possible, and when that dies, make it a point in buying your next phone.

For ethical hardware reuse your current phone. For ethical software use Lineage OS and don't install any Google services.

@njoseph @aadilayub @thinkMoult @aral @mntmn Buy from manufacturers known to provide service for older models. Paying for battery replacement is inexpensive way to prolong the lifespan of your phone. If your phone is under warranty paying bit extra to use authorized repair shop retains the original warranty. Official shops also recycle old battery appropriately. In EU products have 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects even if your phone came with only one year manufacturer’s warranty.

@toni @njoseph @thinkMoult @aral @mntmn Sadly such devices are hard to come by outside the EU/US.

Where I live, it's hard to buy a phone that isn't Lenovo/Samsung/Xiaomi (unless you buy secondhand)

@toni @njoseph @thinkMoult @aral @mntmn How I wish we lived in a world where Fairphone/Librem phones could be manufactured at scale without ethical compromise.

Sadly firmware updates are currently only implemented for maximum of 3 years from device launch. Google Pixels offer this. Many device, even from the worlds biggest android device manufacturer Samsung, have a shorter support period and/or less frequent updates than the Pixels monthly update. @njoseph @aadilayub @thinkMoult @aral @mntmn @frankpodmore

@dazinism @frankpodmore @mntmn @aral @thinkMoult @njoseph @toni I believe if you flash LineageOS you can extend the support life of your phone (at the cost of some stability)

@njoseph +1 on that, but with a bit different reasons. Most of phones now are crap and have nothing better than it was several years ago ^_^

@njoseph @thinkMoult @aadilayub @aral @mntmn I bought my LG P880 in 2013. Thanks to inofficial #LineageOS builds, I'm still using it. Though I'm not sure how much longer it will do before falling apart :)

Have you heard of Fairphone? They've been working on making a long-lasting, conflict mineral-free phone, and they have the option of installing a non-Google Android-based OS

@frankpodmore Fairphone looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

Its basically the same config as my current phone, so the most eco-friendly option for now is to keep using my current phone for as long as the hardware lasts and has software updates.

@njoseph @thinkMoult @aadilayub @aral @mntmn really good for you man. I would do the same but the phone is in my sights.