It is not possible to book an on without GApps nor would I expect it to be possible on 's new phone.

Users would be forced to use a provider with a working Progressive Web App (Uber's PWA is a bad joke).

Those of us already using free software would consider inconveniences like these the price we pay for and . But they are enough to turn the average user away from free software mobile operating systems.

@njoseph are there any providers that offer a good PWA? Maybe we should name and fame to promote those. On a side note, I know it's not ideal nor fully Free, but there is LibreTaxi that uses Telegram. I wonder if an alternative to Uber and co could be built on Matrix?

@stragu I found one in India called Ola cabs with a good PWA.

Its the lesser of the two evils. They have history of some anticompetitive practices like introducing their own cars into the fleet and prioritizing them higher than the cars of contractor drivers. There was a strike about this last year. This service might not last long. I should find other ethical options.

@njoseph @stragu environmentally we should avoid cars too. Catch a bus or train.

@thinkMoult @njoseph that would be ideal but it really depends on a few things. Some people don't have a good public transport network at their door, and some people absolutely need to get to work with a car to survive. I am very lucky to be able to cycle to work, which means we can car-share with another family - one less car on the road.

@njoseph yeah I wish the "sharing economy" actually was what it sounds like: a real p2p system where the software is owned by the people...

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