My phone reboots and loses data randomly while charging. It varies at what percentage of charge this happens.

After reboot it behaves like a new phone. I lose all settings and contacts as well due to a bug. Don't know how long before I lose my sanity and shift back to using a proprietary OS.

This is on a Moto G3 Turbo Edition running LineageOS merlin of the latest nightly build. The frequency of this issue is increasing with time.

I'm not seeing this bug after getting the latest nightly update of LineageOS. 😌

Now I can stop ranting and go back to telling people to delete their spyware stock ROMs and switch to LineageOS. :blobcheer:

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The problem with random reboots and data loss when battery goes beyond 80% still happens with the latest on my Moto G3 Turbo.

I found a workaround.

1. Root the phone using TWRP + SuperSu zip
2. Install Battery Charge Limit app from F-Droid.
3. Set battery charge limit in the app to 80%

The phone can't start its whole reboot and data loss cycle because it can never reach the required battery charge level.

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stop running the nightlies? they're known to be unstable. i dont have your phone, but if it's in the official releases the stable branch hopefully wont have any (serious) problems.

if it's not in the officially supported, maybe try a ROM that's better supported (if they exist)? you can check xda for other ROMs.

@0x3F But the download page only ever had nightlies. I've never seen a stable build for merlin.

@0x3F You might be right about the nightlies. I only started seeing this problem some 4 or 5 nightlies ago. I'm still furiously updating whenever I see a new nightly. The problem keeps getting worse each time.

What kernel and android version is your phone on?


Android Version: 7.1.2
Kernel Version: 3.10.49-g8a8b553

wow, thats kinda old, isn't it?

Kernel 3.10 is out of support since several months i'd say

@Vamp898 I'll get the November 9 update and see what kernel version it updates to, though I don't expect the problem to go away.

@Vamp898 Both the kernel and Android versions are still the same after getting the latest update.

These LIneageOS merlin builds may have had the same content for a year now! My update attempts might have been fruitless.

I should probably learn how to do the builds myself.

What's your Android device BTW?

I have an Xperia XZ because Sony officially supports AOSP there

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