Joplin review

Migration from to is complete. I am using for synchronization of notes across devices with my serving as an always-on synchronization point.

It's a good enough replacement for . The Android app needs to improve its text editor.
It also has a Web Clipper but I don't know what to use it for since I already use .

See the full list of apps I use at

@njoseph I've been using Joplin for more that a year now and it has drastically improved. It was good from day one but it's quite solid now. The only thing that bugs me is the android app is litteraly unusable for me (on a 4 years old flagship, it's the only app I have which lags to the point of being unusable).

Also I could do with WYSIWYG but that's ok.

@bendineliot I'm mostly using a desktop wiki application called Zim now. It can also work as a simple task list. A checklist in Zim can have 4 states which I find useful.

I didn't use Joplin on mobile very much anyway.

I should probably learn and switch to Org-agenda in Emacs, which I've been postponing for too long.

@njoseph @bendineliot Absolutely! I was using ZIM before I switched to #Orgmode - never regret a thing. This is a class of tool on its own.

@publicvoit @njoseph Orgmode is definitely the next one to test in my list, I'll make sure to try it soon!

@bendineliot @njoseph
Be aware - it's your final destination in terms of PIM-tools since it does everything and everything in a very clever and flexible way.

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