@freedomboxfndn @bob Is there a good overview somewhere on how FreedomBox compares to other self-hosting-in-a-box projects?

@clacke @bob Nothing like an overview of the differences comes to mind.

But if you are interested in learning more about the alternatives, one of our developers (@njoseph) has published a list of similar projects with links on his blog: njoseph.me/mediawiki/FreedomBo

And here is another list of alternatives: alternativeto.net/software/fre

Hope this helps!


@freedomboxfndn @clacke @bob I can see the value in having a community-maintained comparison chart for various self-hosting solutions. Maybe a comparison chart on Wikipedia?

It will require contributions from people involved in the respective projects since no one person might know about all the projects.

As a first step, we should come up with the attributes to compare them against (the columns of the table).

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