If parallel universes exist, there must be a version of me in one of them who became an electronics engineer and won't shut up about self-hosting electricity using solar panels.

Image from PBS Crash Course Engineering #30

@njoseph solar panels suck tho. They only give you electricity when the sun shines, and you need a shitload of battery, or two lakes, if you want 24/7 uptime.

@Wolf480pl @njoseph Those aren't impossible to solve issues, especially if you're happy to add other forms of renewable power to the mix.

@izaya @njoseph
well... if the lakes are bigger than your home, it can be a problem, as we may not have enough space for everyone to have two lakes at different altitudes

And batteries would be even less space-efficient, and less energy-efficient.

So, what kind of other renewable power sources do you propose?

@Wolf480pl @njoseph Wind and passive hydroponic power come to mind, though more important would be using less power.

@izaya @njoseph
>using less power
Sorry, nope.
When I get a homelab, I will only use more power. Not less.

@Wolf480pl @njoseph @izaya nothing about adding renewables means we have to remove the grid, of course. For me, locally, it *almost* makes sense to add a storage battery, charge it from the grid at night (off-peak, save 50%) and run it down during the day. Throwing up solar and a turbine only improves the numbers.

A few more 4-hour powercuts, maybe I'll actually pull my finger out and get it set up.

@lupine @izaya @njoseph
hmm... how big does the battery need to be, in terms of joules/Wh and in terms of space?

@Wolf480pl @njoseph @izaya you can get 15kWh in something fridge-freezer-sized, like - and it *almost* pays for itself with an economy-8 meter.

More than enough for my needs, although maximum output is ~3kW, which presents a problem for boiling water while cooking on the electric hob. Considering replacing that with bottled gas.
If my computers stopped working when the sun went down, I'd probably have healthier sleep habits.

@clacke in the winter, when I come back from university, it's already dark.

In Sweden around winter solstice, even as far south as Stockholm, the only sun you get is if you go outside during lunch break.

@clacke Intersting.
So, you think that sleeping all day except for lunch is a good sleeping habit?

The thing is I'm not currently living in Sweden. 😀

@clacke hmm... ok, so people in Sweden still need batteries, I guess.

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