@njoseph Is it a lie or just misleading?

They calculated a price your privacy was worth to them, and then decided to sell it.

@njoseph If I actually do value my users' privacy, what are some concrete steps I can take?
- don't block Tor
- make sure your website works without javascript or cross-domain requests
- make it as convenient as possible for users to get and use your product without ever connecting to your server (torrent downloads, offline apps)
- probably others?

@sonata @njoseph Hear! Hear!

The Internet is a very powerful and useful thing, but it is also dangerous. So be careful with and avoid touching it in order to protect others' privacy. Or even your own.

@sonata @njoseph

Gopher access to your content can help. If your media can't logically fit in to a Gopher site, maybe there is no actual content there. (All flash and no substance.)

Gopher has zero capability for the rich user tracking used by the web. There's maybe a direct IP history, but it plays well with proxies so it is easily masked.

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