Whenever some app or service claims to respect your , check for two things:

1. Is it open-source on both client and server (if applicable) ?
2. Is the service itself decentralized in some way (federated, allows self-hosting etc.) ?

Now evaluate everything you use - iPhones, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Gmail etc. using this checklist.

Try to find and use software/services which satisfy both of the above conditions.

@njoseph would elementary OS satisfy this list? It's completely open source, infra included, and AppCenter could be self hosted. But that is so far outside the realm of user wants that I don't think it's ever been attempted.


@cassidyjames All free software usually ticks both the boxes, but beware of apps that only open-source the client and not the server (e.g. Telegram).

There are cases where the advertised "open-source" product you just downloaded cannot actually be created from its source since it has a lot of proprietary components added on top of the open core. e.g. Microsoft VS Code.

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