Whenever some app or service claims to respect your , check for two things:

1. Is it open-source on both client and server (if applicable) ?
2. Is the service itself decentralized in some way (federated, allows self-hosting etc.) ?

Now evaluate everything you use - iPhones, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Gmail etc. using this checklist.

Try to find and use software/services which satisfy both of the above conditions.

@njoseph is there any app or software which meets these two conditions? Is it possible to find an app or software for every need (email, browser, music player, etc.) which works well enough (can be compared to leading apps/softs) and is still being updated?

Yes, for all these we have . I use riot.im for chat, k9 mail for email (self hosted), next cloud for address book (self hosted).


@praveen @barszczyk I try to stick to free software as much as possible for my personal use.

Here's my personal privacy stack (clients).

My self-hosted server is a

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