Planning to read 3 books this month

1. Utopia for Realists - Rutger Bregman
2. Walkaway - Cory Doctorow
3. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism - Shoshana Zuboff

Hope I'll also have the patience to write summaries and reviews of the .

Somebody make a federated Goodreads alternative please!

Guess what?

The world now has yet another book reviewer!

Wrote my first book review+summary for the book - Utopia for Realists.

Also contains my own rants and opinions clearly marked out.

Thanks to @judeswae for pointing me to Rutger Bregman's work.

I'm reading Walkaway now and highlighting lines like it's some textbook. 😛

The book recommendations I gathered from the Fediverse are way better in quality than Goodreads could ever offer with its algorithms.

@njoseph yes i want to get rid of GoodReads completely.

i only use it for tracking books I want to read, and doing reading challenge

Age of Surveillance is good but depressing until you get to the end :(

@njoseph They aren't federated, but OpenLibrary and/or Libreture might be good options (they're a bit down the page):

@njoseph Thanks for this review. Makes me want to read the book now :)

You tell everybody. Listen to me, Joseph! You've gotta tell 'em! THE FEDIVERSE IS PEOPLE! We gotta encourage them! Somehow!
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