Because of #Electron abandoning support for 32-bit PCs, this bug in #Wire is unlikely to be fixed, and I may have to give up on trying to use the Wire desktop client on my 32-bit laptop:

So having convinced a bunch of my family and friends to set up accounts on Wire and install it, I may have lost the main thing that made it attractive (a #FreeCode desktop client for 32-bit GNU/ Linux where voice calls work properly). At what point do I just give up on trying to be a #SoftwareFreedom purist, and buy a 2nd-hand MacBook for comms (and video editing, and ... and ... and ...) :(

If even the staff of Software Freedom @conservancy are struggling to be software freedom purists, who am I to think I can sustain it?

While I'm on a rant, it annoys me that I might have to retire my laptop in a year or two, even though the hardware is still working fine and dandy, just because even #FreeCode software seems to require more and more hardware power over time to do basically the same tasks. When I bought this laptop in 2010, it could run perfectly good voice and video calls over Skype on Windows XP! We must stop treating complex electronics as disposables.


@strypey I'm still running Debian on a 64-bit laptop from 2010 but modern browsers are too big for its 4GB memory, which I didn't bother to upgrade yet.

@njoseph I used to have a lot of trouble with my browser until I installed #NoScript. The problem is not the browser itself, but the screeds of badly engineered #Javascript that almost every website tries to make it run. The problem gets worse the more tabs you have open at once.

@njoseph my laptop only has 2GB of RAM and the browser runs fine (#ABrowser on #Trisquel 8)

@njoseph @strypey Yeah that's true, 4GB used to be great, but I had to up my 2009 Inspiron to 8GB in 2014.

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