It's amazing how far people are willing to drive down the road toward totalitaritarianism to achieve ends they find desirable. It's almost like to 20th century didn't happen.

I guess humanity just needs to return to totalitaritarianism periodically to remind them what it's like, since we're not capable of learning anything on a larger scale than a single lifespan.

I'm sure that'll end well now that we have nuclear weapons.


@freakazoid I remember someone on the Fediverse saying that totalitarianism comes back in 80-year cycles. Counting from 1945, we're in year 74.

@deshipu @njoseph The US, and Germany both had fairly authoritarian leaders even before that. There wasn't much for a tankie not to like in FDR.

@freakazoid @njoseph It's a bit of a slippery slope. If you follow that, you will have to go all the way back to before WWI. And then again, there is always an authoritarian government *somewhere*, so possibly even further.

@deshipu @njoseph I agree; what I'm looking for is something that looks like a global rise in totalitarianism. By the time Hitler was elected a lot of people globally thought that was just fine.

@freakazoid @njoseph And by "global" you mean "within Western Europe communication bubble", of course?

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