A wiki is a good way of keeping track of all the things that you've learned over time through notes and references.

A wiki doesn't always have to be on a server (like MediaWiki in my case).

A good desktop wiki alternative is Zim. It has a good WYSIWIG editor with plain text storage (no database).

Wiki pages in Zim can be exported to Markdown (pandoc) format and then converted to whatever format you want using the Pandoc tool if you want to migrate to a wiki on a server.

I use a local TiddlyWiki as my home page and new tab page in my browsers.

I don't use it as a full wiki anymore, only as a simple way to modify the one page, as the security updates since Quantum have made it impossible to simply save changes and be done with it.

Restrictions to what can be on a new tab page also make it hard. I serve it from a web server on localhost.

(the ipfs daemon, but that's an implementation detail)
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