2019 is the year of FreedomBox Pioneer edition home servers, Purism Librem 5 smartphones and the growing Fediverse.

This year marks a point in history where people have started to rebel against the surveillance capitalist platforms threatening our democracy and take back control over their digital lives with freedom-respecting products and services.


@njoseph I don't think it's a good idea to play up the "saving democracy" aspect, because what was considered to be democracy even in the pre-digital era was very compromised and already subject to corruption, but via the old technologies of radio broadcast and printed paper. Media barons had the power sway or even decide the outcomes of elections via monopolization of print production and distribution. In the UK 1992 election there was the famous headline "It was The Sun wot won it", and they weren't even far wrong. That is, a private company decided who ruled the country.

@bob The argument is about a relative reduction in free will of the individual as compared to before.

Maybe when we have corporate-licensed neural laces installed in our brains constantly monitoring thoughts and altering them, we will look back to this age of surveillance capitalism as the good times when individuals still had some freedom to opt out. 😐

The problem is that of individual behavioral modification by external entities to various ends..

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@bob I don't believe there's a technological solution to the two-party problem of democracy. When your only options are a fool and tyrant, you are forced to vote for the fool to minimize damage.

No matter how much each party spends on modifying the behavior of voters and however effective its tools, if the choice is between two undesirable outcomes, the voter isn't left with much of a choice.

@njoseph @bob The two-party system is a specific problem of the peculiar first-past-the-post, single-person constituencies (FPTP/SPC) election model.

Party blocs appear everywhere, but they are not as extreme and devoid of choice in a proportional system as they are in a FPTP/SPC system.
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