Pleroma isn't currently using a Weblate server for translations.

I have imported the translations for Pleroma-FE into a Weblate instance maintained by

I've started translating the project into Telugu. Please feel free to sign up and add translations for other languages too. Translations can be exported to JSON for merge requests.

This instance has a few machine translation integrations enabled as well.

cc @kaniini @bhuvan

@njoseph @bhuvan @swecha neat!!! how do we use this to pull the translations?

cc @lain

@kaniini @bhuvan @lain

Weblate can be setup to commit and push translations periodically to a remote git repository which I haven't configured yet.

In case of the FreedomBox project, we are letting Weblate push translation commits directly to the main repository.

I'll try an experiment with a fork first and get back to you.

@kaniini @bhuvan @lain

The experiment is a success. See the latest two commits on this fork.

If you can give the Weblate user push access to the repository, translations will be automatically pushed periodically.

The author of the commit will be the translator and the committer will be the Weblate user. This actually gives credit to translators as compared to manually pulling the translations on each release.

@kaniini @njoseph seems like a great way to make translations easier
@njoseph @bhuvan @lain @swecha

although you have it going to pleroma instead of pleroma-fe repo. pleroma-fe is the webapp repo.
@kaniini @swecha @lain @njoseph can CI pull translations instead of translation server making arbitrary commits tho?
@njoseph @kaniini @bhuvan @swecha @lain doesn't that mean that develop branch has to be unprotected?

@rin @bhuvan @kaniini @lain

The branch doesn't have to be unprotected. The Weblate user has to be added to the user group that has push access (Developer or Maintainer depending on project settings).

@njoseph how are the translations handled to upstream ? is it worth it continuing translations right now or waiting something more official or whatever ?
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