Fun fact:

The instance is indirectly funded by LineageOS + F-Droid.

Earlier, I was replacing my phone every 2 years with a new version of the same series. But last year, when my phone was ready for replacement (too slow, no Android updates), I flashed LineageOS + F-Droid on it instead.

I saved € 187.5 by not buying a new phone. This instance costs € 5 per month.

P.S. I know the exact cost because I bought one for a family member.

@njoseph that's awesome! This is exactly my plan once it's time to "upgrade" my phone. Instead of getting a new one I'm going to flash #lineageos or something similar.

@njoseph I wish that Lineage supported my phone and that they had actual documentation on their website. Right now you have to cobble together instructions on your own and one could be forgiven for thinking their phone could run it when it can't.

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