2019 is the year of FreedomBox Pioneer edition home servers, Purism Librem 5 smartphones and the growing Fediverse.

This year marks a point in history where people have started to rebel against the surveillance capitalist platforms threatening our democracy and take back control over their digital lives with freedom-respecting products and services.


@njoseph I see the link for these, but they're out of stock...do you know if that's because they're sold out or just not ready yet?
@njoseph I tried to follow the freedombox user, but they're on mastodon.social which is a very unfriendly site that blocks other instances "for good reasons."

@harmlessgryphon Hmm. I didn't know accounts from a blocked instance can't follow accounts on your instance.

Anyway, here's a workaround. You can follow the account on your RSS feed reader.


@njoseph mastodon.social is particularly virulent. I remember discovering that some time ago when I created an account there and tried to cross-follow. I made a comment about how it was difficult to follow a conversation because certain instances were blocked, and Eugen chimed in to say "for good reasons." You can probably still see that post in my profile there if it's not been deleted for inactivity.

I'll add your RSS feed to my scraper, thank you!
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