Attending TEDx MVSR this Saturday.

I'm especially looking forward to the talk by Siddartha Malempati about reclaiming the digital infrastructure for the commons, internet monopolies, community Wi-Fi networks and FreedomBox
(forgot the exact title, sorry!)

It will be an 18-minute talk covering various issues around the topic of digital infrastructure.

Event and speaker bio


Rewiring the Network for an Inclusive World

Siddartha Malempati is a free software hacktivist from India who came up with the idea of creating community Wi-Fi networks in villages using FreedomBoxes.
In this TEDx talk, he talks about the current state of the Internet infrastructure, how it should have been and how his team of volunteers is part of the solution to bring control over the infrastructure back to the people.

Finally a decent video. Let's put this up on PeerTube so we no longer have to share YouTube links.
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