Your periodic reminder that Gmail is constructing a wall around its users, slowly trapping them inside its walled garden. Escape out of it while you still can.

It like Slack and IRC again, but this time the attack is on the most popular federated communication system on the planet.

@clacke @badrihippo @njoseph But... This is happening because the Internet community has failed spectacularly in making encrypted email accessible.

You can encrypt an email, but no mechanism was ever devised for handling the public keys of email accounts.

If you're an email client wanting to deliver an email to an account, how do you get the public key of the user you want to send email to?

The only way of doing that is that they email you the key and tell you how to use it.

@clacke @badrihippo @njoseph No concerted effort was ever made to fix it, and people want to send confidential email, so how do you make that easy to do without having to convince the entire Internet of your new idea? Well...

@thor @badrihippo @njoseph "No concerted effort", as in coordinated effort among all e-mail clients and services, is correct. And there is definitely a huge usability issue in most contexts.

"no mechanism was ever devised" is not. is supported by:

- @delta
- mailpile by @HerraBRE
- 7 more listed at

@clacke @HerraBRE @delta @badrihippo @njoseph No *standardised* mechanism was ever devised. There are a zillion proposed and/or proprietary ways of doing it. Who's behind Autocrypt? Without a standards track and support in major clients like Outlook, Apple Mail or Gmail, it's not going to take off.

@clacke @njoseph @thor ohh...I think I get it now!

They hook you to new features, which are Gmail-to-Gmail only, and then you get so used to them that you can't leave? ⛓️

@badrihippo @njoseph @thor Then, once you have a large enough captured user base, you can even cut interoperability with the network entirely.

@clacke @njoseph @thor what they did to XMPP about a decade ago! 😮

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