I dunno, I feel like the LibremOne news is being overhyped.

Talk is a fork of Riot
Mail is a fork of K9
Social is a fork of Tusky
Tunnel is PIA white-labelled

I see nothing new or innovative here, what am I missing?

@kev I'd say while efforts like Freedombox holds more attention better, it's great to have someone like them who cares about privacy offering to run these services.

As for the clients I don't want them to make too big changes as they have better things to focus on, and while I think they're trying cater used to silos with their branded apps I wish people would learn to seperate the concepts of client and server.

But it's hard to communicate about things not visible onscreen.


@alcinnz @kev My problem with this is that they seem to be building non-federating silos of federated social applications.

Looks like their Mastodon instance doesn't federate and also hides local and federated timelines.

I'd still recommend getting a libre solution instead which doesn't have a corporation behind it, benefit or not. The data stays on your own computer, you get to decide configuration options, it's more affordable, provides more apps etc.

@njoseph @kev @alcinnz I vaguely remember reading that they were going to do this. The rebranding of apps is ok so long as it's within the license terms, but moving from a Twitter or Facebook silo to a Purism one isn't really all that much progress. It's a bit like the situation with Signal where you can choose any server so long as it's Moxie's.

@njoseph @alcinnz @kev I think that the librem.one initiative is good for people who would never selfhost themselves and is offering a full ready to consume product (in contrast to a platform and a myriad of apps for consuming it)...

@njoseph @alcinnz @kev ... Which is good for non tech-savvy people IMHO. And being backed up by a for-profit but socially responsible company seems to be a good foundation for the economic sustainability of the service, which is sometimes the reason of selfhosted instances shutting down.

I think its bad to spread FUD without actually verifying. Especially when someone is just starting up. I already saw someone from librem.one service following me here.
@alcinnz @kev

@praveen @njoseph @alcinnz I agree with Praveen here. I’ve seen a few people mention this article from @brandon but the lack of federation is just an assumption at this point, and an incorrect one IMO.

They state that there are millions of people on the network. That impossible without federation. Plus, as Praveen said, people can follow other instances, so that’s clearly not the case.

I really think Brandon should issue a correction.

The blog itself has corrected the assertion here. I think even the root logic of not respecting upstream is flawed here as Purism partnered with Matrix and Mastodon before launching this service.
@njoseph @alcinnz @brandon

@praveen @njoseph @alcinnz @brandon ah, that’s good. I didn’t realise Brandon has done that.

The issue for most about upstream (I think) is the lack of attribution for the hours of work the app devs have put in.

Also the accusation here is not at all considering the track record of Purism. They have a history of working closely and contributing to the projects they ship in their products. The people working there are all key contributors to many well known Free Software projects. As for the credits, it is likely just an oversight. I don't think they want to take credit for other people's work.
@njoseph @alcinnz @brandon

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